App Spotlight: timeBro for Zoho Projects

App Spotlight: timeBro for Zoho Projects

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timeBro for Zoho Projects
The timeBro integration for Zoho Projects offers an automatic time-tracking solution to reliably capture all your computer activities. Simply import your projects, track the time spent on projects in timeBro, and export all your time entries with just one click. Easily track your work time without interrupting your workflow with this Zoho integration.

Business needs:
  • According to the study 'Time is money' featured in Harvard Business Review, estimated time tracking is only 36-67% accurate.
  • Stopwatch software is usually not a viable solution for this problem because pressing start and stop buttons continuously interrupts your workflow, and many employees are liable to forget.  
  • Either way, time tracking can be exhausting and frustrating. Businesses lose billable hours every day due to inaccurate or forgotten time tracking.  
  • Use an automatic approach that saves you time and helps you remember every minute. 

  • Use timeBro’s fully automatic time-tracking software for Windows and macOS to capture every minute of your working day in different programs and files, browser tabs, e-mails, or calendar entries. 
  • Your working day is displayed as a timeline, which serves as a reminder to precisely identify time periods and assign them to projects. 
  • That way, you can focus on your work and assign times to projects at the end of the day with timeBro's click and drag feature. 

  • A memory aid just for you. timeBro cannot be used for monitoring purposes. All the data it collects is stored on the user's device and can only be seen by the user.  
  • Exact times mean exact planning. timeBro helps you detect every hour, charge every billable minute and understand your working day down to the second.  
  • Save time and money. Working with timeBro is faster than estimating & entering times and allows you to remember project times quicker. 
  • All your projects and times in one place. The timeBro integration with Zoho Projects helps you minimize your workload and optimize your workflow. With timeBro, you can assign times to your imported projects and export them with just one click. 

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