Ask the Experts 1: A 5 hour online Q&A on setting up departments and multi-branding

Ask the Experts 1: A 5 hour online Q&A on setting up departments and multi-branding

Welcome to Zoho Desk's first 'Ask the Expert' session. It will be a monthly discussion in our forums that focus on issues that frequent the support desk and hence demand expert advice. The topic for discussion will be posted a few days ahead of the live session and you can start posting your questions right away. Our panel experts will be available to answer your questions on the scheduled date and time for each session.

For this session, we will be discussing how to set up departments and multi-branding in Zoho Desk.

Zoho Desk allows you to categorize your customer support operation into different departments, each with its own service channels, SLAs, notifications, community, and knowledge base articles.

With multi-branding, you can have a dedicated help center for each of your brands. You can customize the logo, colors, layout, and permissions of the multi-brand Help Centers to make them follow your brand principles. You can follow either of the following user base models to allow users access to your help center:
  • Common User Base
  • Unique User Base
The Common User Base model provides your end users the convenience to access multiple Help Centers with one set of login credentials (e.g., email address and password). So regardless of the Help Center, you invited from, they can access all of them. In the Unique User Base model, your end-users can only access the Help Center they have registered for or were invited. So when a user visits a new brand, they must register again to access the Help Center.

Note: This is NOT a webinar. This event is a text-based discussion on the Zoho Desk community where our experts will field your questions for five hours straight. Start posting your questions as comments below.

P.S.: Unable to view the comment box? Use the Sign in option above to view the comment section and start asking. 

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