Attract more attendees to your virtual events with online invitation forms

Attract more attendees to your virtual events with online invitation forms

The circumstances for this holiday season mean that this year's celebrations might look very different from previous years. But this doesn't have to mean not meeting up for an event. We luckily live in a time where technology allows us to connect with people regardless of where we are located.

Send invites in advance, and follow up with reminders leading up to your virtual event. Use online invitation forms to communicate important information and drum up the excitement. While hosting virtual events, parties, concerts, and more, you can save time by automatically gathering attendee data to make the process easier for both your team and your guests.

Create custom RSVPs to know who's coming

Using well-designed online invitations attracts those who are interested in your event and allows them to sign up quickly. An online form not only captures whether they'll be attending, but also the required details needed to prepare for the event. Whether you are hosting a party, a Christmas choir, or a simple game night, basic information like the attendee's name, contact number, and any additional data (such as a preferred time slot for the event) will be a breeze to capture digitally.

Make invitations easy to find

Make invitations easy to find for your guests using online forms. With a digital form, the attendees are just a click away from connecting with you. Distribute these forms in social media posts, emails, and blogs to make them available to a larger crowd, and watch the registrations pour in. Check out our sharing options.

The online invitation form workflow

Once you get people on board with invitation forms, send the detailed data to the team you've chosen to lead the event. As an attendee enters their data and submits the invite form, be sure to acknowledge them instantly. This can be done by displaying a personalized message on the thank you screen as well as by sending them a confirmation email.

Add details they have entered in automated emails so it can be re-checked and edited if need be. Links for your online meeting can be attached directly to the email. This way, they can easily find it at the time of the event. Intrigued? Learn more about our automated email setup.

You got this! While your holiday event ideas may look a little different this year, we hope you get the chance to connect with people and toast to the new year ahead. Get started by creating an online form today! 

If you have any questions or feedback to share, feel free to comment below or drop us an email at

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