Blocker due to connector and access token is not available in external backend service

Blocker due to connector and access token is not available in external backend service

Hi Team,

We're developing an extension in the zoho desk. For authorization we're using Zoho oauth via connections.

From frontend we're hitting the zoho desk rest api using request methods with connections.
Docs link:

We're having one use case, we need to hit ticket create rest api from a external backend service 

Due to the fact that we're using connections, connections won't work in external backend service and also we didn't have access tokens to hit the rest api.

We tried to create a function in sigma and publish it as per mentioned in this documentation:
But we didn't have mandatory fileds to trigger that function in the external backend service.    

Due to this we're blocked to proceed further
We're expecting a published function without any mandatory field to trigger with access to connections, we will call that function from our external backend service that will resolve our issue.

Please assist us to resolve this issue.


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