Booking public holidays cross-countries

Booking public holidays cross-countries

Hi all,
I work with employees across multiple countries, and as a company we would like to give employees the option to book bank/public holidays across countries. Meaning that they have a determinate max number of days that they can book, but it is not restricted to their country bank holidays.

Currently, we have been advised to use the "Leaves" feature and create a "public holiday" type of leave, instead of using the Zoho module "Holidays". This is because using "holidays" would not allow for this flexibility.

The challenge that we are now facing is 2:
1. users have to book their public holidays upfront, otherwise, if they would to book a standard leave of 1 week, and a bank holiday is in the middle, the system does not detect. So I need to book 1 week in 2 parts, to skip the bank holiday;
2. users have so much flexibility that they can book any day in the calendar year and its not restricting them to the days that are indeed public bank holidays in the countries that we allow for.
3. IF, we would find a way to deliver this in "holidays", I think that the 2 challenges above would go away, but when I associate an employee with more than 1 public holiday location, they also increase the total number or holidays. e.g. if UK has 9 public holidays and India has 10 public holidays AND the employee needs to pick 9 days out of any of the predefined days within these 2 countries, they will not see just 9 available days, they would see 19 (9+10)

Any experiences with that?

Sharing for interest: @Rutbah Modi 

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