Bugs in "Record Summary Template" feature

Bugs in "Record Summary Template" feature

Hi there,

I just tested the "Record Summary Template" feature for Zoho Creator. First of all: Great idea - this is exactly what we've been waiting for!

But there are three essential problems / bugs:

1. If I want to fetch values from a related form/database, the record summary only shows values that were originally added as free text (string / in may case: single line). If I want to include values from the related form that come from e.g. dropdown-menus or radio buttons etc. it just doesn't show up in the generated view. (Just empty space where the values should be).

2. The settings tab for the Record Summary Template seems buggy. Sometimes the default Template shows up - sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the radio-button to activate one of the templates doesn't show up either. I really didn't find any logic here for when it does show up and when it doesn't.

3. When I want to delete a template and click the "Yes" button in the popup (when asked "Do you really want to delete...?") the popup doesn't go away. I then have to refresh the whole page to see that the template has actually been deleted.

Would be great if I could get feedback on how these issues can be fixed, especially the first problem - since we're really eager to use this wonderful feature!

Thanks in advance for any help or hints and b est regards!
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