Build A Happier Workforce With Zoho People

Build A Happier Workforce With Zoho People

The success of an organization depends on its people. Therefore, a comprehensive and cloud-based HRMS software is an integral part of the IT ecosystem for the business. With a wide number of key modules to define the structure of an organization, manage the employee information, and gather the input, there must be a solution that offers a paperless alternative to the tedious work.

These HR Management solutions can go a long way in getting the best out of a workforce and people. With this thought in the mind, the Zoho People was developed in the year 2008 to complement the suite of business applications. In the years ever since, the team of Zoho has been dedicated to evolving Zoho People along with the needs of HR across various industries, adding new features and improving the present functionalities.

What is Zoho People?

Zoho People is actually a cloud-based HRMS software that is developed by the very famous Zoho Company. It is an important part of the full suite of web-based business applications that are targeted at small and medium-scale organizations. Zoho People allows users to manage their workforce and contracts. It is very easily customizable and is packed in a neat and simple interface just like all the Zoho solutions.

With the help of Zoho People, an HR team can easily access the information from your on-site computers or their mobile devices. This makes employee communication way easier because the workforce gets a chance to check their schedules on smartphones and tablets. In addition, the employees can request time-offs from there and submit their reports as well.

Benefits and functionality of Zoho People

Centralized Information

With the help of Zoho People, one can centralize the records and have all the employee information available in one secure hub, which is then accessible to the permitted personnel via any device. The platform uses webhooks and open APIs for making the entire system customizable and scalable. This further signifies that it will seamlessly integrate with the current software investments as well as the future changes that might seem fit.

Zoho People also enables in processing the performance appraisal cycles. There are tracking and goal-setting features to strengthen data analytics and performance at the same time. A well-planned and self-appraisal feature is also available for getting the employees to be much more reflective of their performance and position. This gets enhanced with the help of a 360-degree feedback feature that improves reviews and collaboration.

Employee Benefiting

With the help of Zoho People login, not only the managers but the employees get benefitted as well. This means that Zoho People is not designed to help the managers but also the workers in the organization. It is rather made to be very comfortable and accessible through the help of its self-service portal.

In this platform, the employees can update their HR data by themselves if they change their residences or civil status. They can also log in to the portal and update their time and attendance data themselves.

Drag and Drop Customization

Zoho People comes with built-in forms that all the human personnel might need such as the leave request forms, training request forms, different kinds of claims, and much more.

The drag and drop customization feature comes in a huge benefit in the sense that it helps in dragging and dropping fields while editing their properties and having forms unique to the company’s requirements. These forms can also be integrated with the Zoho Wiki as an embedded form with the company’s intranet for increasing the efficiency of staff and doing away with all the paper forms.

Efficient Data Management

The HR data is very often spread in multiple tools. There are numerous applications such as HCM, Finance, Payroll, etc. The entire process of connecting these data points becomes the most difficult part of every platform if purchased from different vendors and built on a different codebase.

With the help of a cloud-based HRMS software like Zoho People, the entire game of data management changes. The thing with Zoho People is that it has its own analytical engine which is used as a business intelligence tool. When used with Zoho Reports, it helps in connecting the data from multiple sources and brings them into visually appealing dashboards. This helps the HR departments to make informed decisions with extremely important and insightful data points.

Performance Management

It is important to understand that the people of an organization are entirely responsible for driving a business. The better the reviews, the stronger is the performance of an employee. With the help of Zoho People log in, organizations can access continuous feedback systems while evaluating employees with customized performance appraisal methods.

Performance management also allows peer review through which the employees can review their peers and can in turn be reviewed by them all through the year. Peer review helps the manager to gather important insights about all the members of a team. Additionally, if the employees do not wish to reveal their identity, they can choose to give anonymous feedback at any time.

Employee Training

All organizations are different in the way they operate and in turn, all the workforces are different too and so are their learning needs. The learning management system offered by Zoho People is actually an intuitive and cloud-based feature that streamlines the training across an organization while enabling fast and much better learning experiences.

Irrespective of the industry to which an organization might belong, the Zoho learning management system helps in building a culture that helps in adapting to different learning styles with benefits like self-paced learning and blended learning.

Seamless HR Management

To make sure that an organization experiences seamless HR management, Zoho People offers all the tools that are needed for helping the HR staff and the employees to stay efficient, productive, up-to-date, and manage things on the go.

Some of the benefits such as attendance tracker, onboarding, leave tracker, keeping track of time, and handling the shift schedules are what make seamless HR management possible.


All the people who work in an organization including the employees, HR staff, managers, etc. deserve the best working experience. With the implementation of the Zoho People platform, it is possible to offer a customer-like service experience and bring the HR service delivery to a central and more integrated place.

With the assistance of self-service options and solutions like case management, employees can have easy access to all the services they need while freeing up HR for any non-routine task.

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