Celebrate National ESign Day with Zoho Sign

Celebrate National ESign Day with Zoho Sign


It's National ESign Day today, and there cannot be a better occasion to talk about the benefits of using e-signatures!

National ESign Day is observed on the 30th of June every year since 2000 when the ESIGN Act was passed by the US Congress. This granted legal recognition for documents signed using electronic signatures and kick-started a global movement towards paperless signing across industries.

Zoho Sign, Zoho's digital signature application, has already transformed thousands of businesses worldwide by helping them go completely paperless with digital signatures. We want to commemorate this occasion by providing tips to businesses that still have a pen and paper approach, to get paperwork done digitally and remotely in the current backdrop of COVID-19. If your business relies heavily on paperwork to close deals and expand its operations, here are a few things you must do to aid its growth.

Keep it simple
Say goodbye to pen and paper. Avoid piles of paperwork clutter by moving your documents online with Zoho Sign. Setting up your account takes just a few minutes, and signing documents or sending documents for signatures just a few drag-and-drops and clicks. With Zoho Sign, a device with a standard internet connection is all you need to carry your paperwork wherever you go and get it done.

Collaborate without compromise
With Zoho Sign, you can set up e-sign workflows to collect signatures from multiple signatories in a single document by sending it out in a particular order. Recipients can sign the document, re-assign them to another person, or decline them with an appropriate reason and thereby collaborate with all the participants in a workflow in real time regardless of where they are.

Keep it organized and secure
Zoho Sign allows you to store and manage your confidential business documents in an organized manner on secure cloud storage protected by military-grade encryption. Access to the documents is limited to only you and those who have been authorized by you to view or sign the documents. 

Integrate and automate
Zoho Sign integrates readily with over a dozen other Zoho apps and several popular third party apps to help you transfer and manage your data across the apps you use on a daily basis. You can also leverage Zoho Sign's REST APIs to build your own custom integrations with third party software and in-house apps to automate your e-sign workflows and let your paperwork take care of itself while you tend to other crucial business operations.

Be prudent yet productive
By switching to electronic signatures, you can reduce printing and other administrative costs by up to 90%. Moreover, the online nature of the process further reduces turnaround times in business paperwork by an average of 2 weeks helping you close deals faster and in increased volumes.

Be safe and conscious
An electronic signature service like Zoho Sign facilitates contactless and remote signing of documents, thus, enabling you to stay safe and continue conducting business in testing times such as the ongoing pandemic. Furthermore, by going entirely paperless with Zoho Sign, you're adopting an environment-friendly technology that is also safe to your surrounding ecosystems.

If you are already a Zoho Sign customer and would like to share your Zoho Sign success story with us, feel free to comment below or write to support@zohosign.com.

Happy Zoho Signing!

Sai Anand

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