Chat routing: Automate and optimize the process of routing your incoming chat requests!

Chat routing: Automate and optimize the process of routing your incoming chat requests!

Hello buddies,

How have you all blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah?

You might think that I am going bonkers... :p But NO buds am not! 

But trust me this is how it would appear to the operators of your firm when they have to deal with the issues brought in by the visitors hitting your website that has nothing to do with their skill set or field experience. 

To make sure that the visitors are provided with appropriate assistance, it is necessary that the visitor chat requests are classified and are routed to the right set of operators. Flummoxed? Okay, before you get a panic attack I will reveal the fact that you need not sweat it, we have introduced a new feature ' Chat routing' to ease out things for you. Wanna know how to avail this feature? Then do check out our user guide.

This feature allows you to route the visitor chat requests to the right set of operators based on various factors like visitor info, websites, CRM values, Zoho campaigns and a lot more.

To understand how this feature aids you and your firm let's consider the following use cases,

1. Route your visitors based on City/Region they are from 

Say you own an international private financial organization, and you provide 24/7 live chat support for your customers. 

Rather than just randomly routing the visitor chat requests to the operators of your firm, how optimized the entire process would be if you could route the chat requests based on the city/region from where the visitor is? 

As to understand a visitor's needs from a financial organization's perspective it is necessary that the operator knows the economic status, political climate, financial status and various other prime particulars about the city/region from where the visitor is.

2. Route based on the queries brought in by the visitors 

Say you own an e-commerce page for branded shoes, and a customer comes up with a request asking for a discount on the total bill amount if he purchases a bunch of running shoes. 

You can route all the chat requests like this, that has the term 'Discount' to an operator who is diplomatic enough to persuade and close the deal in such a way that both the sides earn a reasonable amount of profit. 

Or say you can route all the chat requests that have the term 'Dissatisfaction' or 'Unhappy' to the operators of your firm who are good at appeasing the customers.

3. Route based on Campaign UTM variables 

You own a watch store, and you had sent out multiple campaigns to all your customers about the upcoming end of season sale based on various criterions. And one of it was exclusively sent out to target all your elite customers about the offers on vintage Rolex watches.

Say you would want to route the chat requests of all the customers visiting your website via this particular campaign to a dedicated set of operators of your firm, you can do so by utilizing various UTM variable based criterions available under the chat routing section.

4. Route based on the current URL/Title contents 

You own an online mobile store, say you do not want to provide an option for your customers to choose a department that they would like to reach out to from their chat windows. 

Imagine how chaotic and tiresome the entire chat routing process could get during occasional sale seasons! In situations like this, you can use the route based on the "Current page URL/Title" routing rule, which would route the visitors to the chosen operators based on the specified URL or title contents. 

For instance say if the visitor is currently running through your help document and is trying to seek the assistance of your operators via live chat, then the visitor's chat request will automatically be forwarded to the operators designated to deal with the support requests of your customers. 

Perks of using this feature:
  • You don't have to manually route the visitor chat requests to appropriate operators every single time.
  • Saves a lot of time.
  • And customer satisfaction will escalate. 
  • Optimize the skill sets of the operators of your firm.

Heads up: 
  • Feature availability: Paid plans and 15-day trial plan.
  • Do remember that the chat requests of a returning visitor would be routed back to the operator who had last assisted that particular visitor.
  • A chat request will straight away be pushed to the Missed tab if it has been routed to a set of operators and their availability statuses are either offline or engaged.
  • A chat that has been routed to a particular operator can be transferred to another department or another operator of the same department as that of the operator who is trying to transfer the chat. 

Adieus amigos. Thanks for sticking around. See you all in my next post. Till then take care.

Fond regards,

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