Clarity on Zoho One & Marketing Automation Limits (Leads, Bulk Emails, Visitors)

Clarity on Zoho One & Marketing Automation Limits (Leads, Bulk Emails, Visitors)

I have scoured this forum and reviewed the Zoho One Plan Details page for Zoho Marketing Automation ("ZMA" - formerly MarketingHub).

There have been several forum threads requesting full transparency on ZMA limits/pricing under a Zoho One subscription.  Zoho Support responded with varying levels of effort, but in my opinion none of these threads have provided the Community with full clarity.

So this is a structured series of questions on behalf of the Community about ZMA Limits/Pricing for Zoho One Support to please answer with full detail & transparency.  Please do not just link to the Plan Details page or prior forum posts - we have read them all.

1) Lead Limits
In ZMA, a Lead is basically an unique email address (plus other optional fields).

I get 5,000 Leads per Zoho One license.  Example: I have 8 employees signed up to Zoho so I get 40,000 Leads.

1.A) I assume this is 40,000 Total Leads and not 40,000 new Leads per Month?

1.B) Can I delete some stale Leads (say) every week so as to make room for new Leads without hitting my account's Lead Limit?  Are there ANY restrictions on frequent Lead deletions at all?

1.C) Assuming Total Leads in (1.A), what if I have 35,000 Leads on the 15th of the month and only 28,000 Leads on the last day of the month.  Will you count this as 28,000 Leads?  35,000 Leads? A weighted average?

1.D) Is the following pricing still correct for additional Leads (not listed ANYWHERE on the Zoho Website, found in an old forum post):

1,000 Leads = USD480 per annum
2,000 Leads = USD565 per annum
3,000 Leads = USD655 per annum

1.D) What are ALL of the list price brackets for >3,000 additional Leads please?

2) Bulk Email Limits
From the Plan Details page:
  1. If I have <100,000 "Contacts", I can send unlimited emails per month.
  2. If I have >100,000 "Contacts",  then I am limited to [10 x Number of "Contacts"] emails per month.

2.A) What exactly is a "Contact" in this context?  Let's take the fairly common example of 2 mailing lists in ZMA:

  1. 150,000 Leads (unique email addresses)
  2. 50,000 Leads are in List X only, 50,000 Leads are in List Y only and 50,000 Leads are in both List X and List Y.
  3. In a single month, I send 3 Bulk Emails to List X and 1 Bulk Email to List Y.
  4. So the totals are:
    1. 400,000 emails were sent to 150,000 unique email addresses
    2. 50,000 Leads received 3 emails, 50,000 Leads received 4 emails, and 50,000 Leads received 1 email
    3. List X and List Y each contain 100,000 Leads.

In this example, how many "Contacts" do I have this month? 150,000? 200,000? 400,000? Something else?

Whatever the number, please explain the EXACT calculation logic.

2.B) Is the following pricing still correct for additional Bulk Emails (not listed ANYWHERE on the Zoho Website, found in an old forum post):

5,000 emails per month = USD5 per month
10,000 emails per month = USD10 per month
25,000 emails per month = USD20 per month
50,000 emails per month = USD30 per month
100,000 emails per month = USD60 per month

2.C) What are ALL of the list price brackets for >100,000 additional bulk emails please?

3) Visitor Limits
The Plan Details page says "Visitors = 2 x lead count".

So if my Zoho One account is entitled to 40,000 Leads then I am allowed 80,000 "Visitors".

But what exactly is a "Visitor" in this context? 

3.A) Is this related to site visits to my Websites/Webapps that use the javascript Tracking code in the "Web Assistant" area of ZMA?

3.B) If (3.A) is correct, then is a "Visitor" credit used up for:

3.B.i) Every hit on every tracked page? OR

3.B.ii) Unique (ie. Cookie tracked) site visits (1 visitor = 1 cookie, regardless of the the number of pages)? (This is what ZMA's competitors usually count); OR

3.B.iii) Only known site Visitors who fill in Lead capture forms or who have a cookie connected to their record as a Lead? OR

3.B.iv) Something else?

3.C) If the answer to (3.B) is (3.B.ii: Unique/cookie tracked "Visitors" only), then do the following also count as a Visitor:

3.C.i) Search Engine and Bot visits?

3.C.ii) Same unknown person visits the site with different Browsers/Devices?

3.D) If (3.A) is not correct, then what exactly is the definition of a "Visitor" and exactly how do you measure it please?

3.E) What are ALL of the list price brackets for additional "Visitors" please?

3.F) As Zoho One customers, we also use Zoho SalesIQ which provides its own tracking/analytics.  Confusingly, Zoho One SalesIQ documents an entirely different "visitors" limit on it's Zoho One Plan Details page:

"200k visitors tracked per month"

On a site that is running both the SalesIQ and ZMA javascript tracking code simultaneously:

3.F.i) Do SalesIQ and ZMA share the same definition of a "Visitor"?  If they are not EXACTLY the same, then EXACTLY how are they different, in full detail please.

3.F.ii) Do SalesIQ and ZMA share the same "Visitor" limit?  That is, in my example, is my limit 200,000 OR 80,000 "Visitors"?  Surely there can be only a single limit for tracking the same "Visitors" in the same Zoho One subscription?

If I had purchased them as separate products I could understand separate limits.  But I purchased a single "Zoho One" product so surely it has 1 universal "Visitor" limit?

3.F.iii) What are ALL of the list price brackets for additional Zoho One SalesIQ "Visitors" please?

Zoho One Support, please have a very Senior Agent answer this thread thoroughly, the Community deserves it.

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