Composite items Stock/Boxing

Composite items Stock/Boxing

My company uses zoho as its primary business engine, and all data from zoho is farmed out to our sales channels, such as eBay and Magento 2.
We make quite extensive use of the composite item feature, we sell many variations and combinations of items, which can be bought in pairs or with accessories etc. Because we have so many different configurations of composite items for such a small company, we do not premake our composite items, we only physically prepare them when we get an order for them, so the box/unbox feature does not make sense for us, and we only use it by boxing back up to 0 once the composite stock goes negative, so as to correctly take the stock from the individual items.

Unfortunately this means that our sales channels can't display the correct stock, if we chose to display the stock as it fed in it would almost always show 0 or a negative number, and we assume that this is the way that the majority of users using the composite item feature are using it, so is there any way (or any way in development) that we can have the composite item stock be based on the potential sum of its parts, for instance:

Composite item "Accessory Bundle" is made up of Products A, B and C, It uses a quantity of one A and one B, but two C.

So if the stock levels are:
 A : 2, B : 2, C : 2, there would only be 1 Accessory Bundle in stock.
A : 2, B : 2, C : 4, there would be 2 Accessory Bundles in stock.
A : 0, B : 30, C : 60, there would be 0 Accessory Bundles in stock.

This seems to make much more sense than the current method of stock tracking for composite items, and would solve a lot of our problems and save us a lot of time that we currently spend correcting the boxing levels, any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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