Configure Plugs in SalesIQ and save yourself the trouble of writing logic more than once!

Configure Plugs in SalesIQ and save yourself the trouble of writing logic more than once!

What are Plugs?
  • Plugs in SalesIQ is a feature that can be used to connect the Codeless bot with different applications (Zoho apps and external apps) with the help of user-defined inputs and outputs.
  • They can also be used to perform a user's own logic or control the flow of the Codeless bot.
  • This function can be implemented using Deluge Scripts or webhooks.

Why do you need plugs?

  • Plugs in Zoho SalesIQ are mainly used to perform operations with inputs from the codeless bot and provide user defined outputs to the codeless bot. For example, visitor data like email, phone, etc. can be set as the plug's input and that data can be pushed to any third party services (say lead generation) and the data from the third party service can be given as the plug's output (say lead id, etc). 
  • With plugs, you can save yourself from the trouble of writing or building logic more than once. These plugs can be created once and used in multiple places in the bot.

Here's a real time example to help you understand how plugs work. Let's take an e-commerce website. In this scenario, lead creation is a crucial task. For this purpose, you can configure a plug that collects the visitor's name and email and generates a unique Lead ID and use it inside the Codeless bot in order to avoid doing this task time and again.

Sample Code:

  1. name = "";
  2. if(session.containsKey("name"))
  3. {
  4. name = session.get("name").get("value");
  5. }
  6. email = "";
  7. if(session.containsKey("email"))
  8. {
  9. email = session.get("email").get("value");
  10. }
  11. response = Map();
  12. if(name.isNull() || email.isNull())
  13. {
  14. response.put("leadid","-1");
  15. return response;
  16. }

  17. leadInfo = {
  18. "Last_Name":name,
  19. "Email":email
  20. };
  21. createResponse = zoho.crm.createRecord("Leads", leadInfo);
  22. response.put("leadid", createResponse.get("id"));
  23. return response;

How can you add these Plugs inside SalesIQ?
To add a plug inside SalesIQ,
  1. In the SalesIQ dashboard, navigate to Settings > Developers > Plugs.
  2. Inside the Plugs dashboard, click Add.
  3. Give your plug a name and also add a description and then click Create Plug.
  4. Then, configure the handler. 
  5. Click on Parameters. Inside the Parameter Configurations section, add the required input and output parameters.
  6. You can test every plug by clicking on Test in the Plug Preview section.
  7. Once you are done configuring the plug, click Publish.

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