CONFUSED: Marketing Automation and Campaigns

CONFUSED: Marketing Automation and Campaigns

Hey Zoho Team!'s been a few years now and I am still very confused about the relationship between Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Marketing Automation.  I have read other threads with users having the same confusion, and although I'm glad I'm not alone, I wish Zoho would either combine the two or create a clear delineation without overlap...because it's not getting any more clear...and it has been a couple years now.

My latest confusion is around autoresponders.  There are autoresponders in both apps.  Although MA seems to be the more advanced tool, there are only two types of autoresponders (calendar, cyclic).  While in Campaigns, there are a ton of different options - including the sign-up (for newsletters, etc).

To confuse things even more, when I created a test autoresponder in Campaigns it showed up in MA as well. (even though you can't create that type of autoresponder in MA.

So where should I create my autoresponders.  I don't want them to be split up between two apps.

There are some other things that are confusing as well.  Like journeys in MA and Worflows in Campaigns.....and when to use which one! 

With so many overlapping functions, it is very complicated to understand which to use and when.  It seems you can't simply switch everything to Marketing Automation without missing key functions (like different autoresponders), but you can't keep everything in Campaigns without missing key functions (engagement functions).  So it seems we need both.  This means we have to keep track which overlapping functions we are using in which apps!

Zoho seems to draw a distinction between engaging leads and the activities that occur after someone becomes a customer....BUT that is not really practical since existing customers can be part of new campaigns for new products in which you have to engage with them just like you would new leads.

Anyway...I've been reading many posts over the years and it seems this is still very confusing to so many....including myself.  Yet zoho still insists on managing two different apps despite the voice of the customer clearly saying it's overly-complicated.

Would LOVE for zoho to reconsider OR draw a more clear line between the two without overlapping funcitonality.

Any more clarity on this would be fantastic - beyond the "Zoho marketing automation is a permission based......"


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