Creation of Multiple Projects Tasks with similar Automation processes

Creation of Multiple Projects Tasks with similar Automation processes



This is for a task with a StartDate which is recurring.   I am looking to achieve the following type of automation -> a single task can cycle through any number of Steps, before completion (eg for example - something required in the Audit process. Step1 could be to get a Document from the auditor.  Step2 for Finance to review and add certain Financial Docs.  Step3 could be for the Finance Director to approve, and Step4 could be for the CEO to sign off and send it to the Auditor.  After each step, the next step is invoked, and various Column details will change, as will the NextDueDate, and notifications will go to Assignees/Managers/Groups etc.


The details for the various Steps will change from task to task, as will the other details.  But the automation is generic across Tasks.




STEP1 will be activated on  START_DATE. 

The STEP_DETAILS will provide details of what needs to be done for STEP1.  The TASK_OWNER is notified, as will be the GROUP or MANAGER.


The DUE_DATE for STEP1 will be calculated by adding adding DAYS_ALLOWED_FOR_TASK to the START_DATE


When STEP1 is completed, the DONE checkbox is ticked, and the next step, STEP2 is invoked.  


The automations above for STEP1 will apply to STEP2 as well .   When STEP2 is completed, STEP3 is invoked, and so on, until completion.


If any Step is not completed by DUE_DATE, the ALERT field changes to red,and a notification is sent to the TASK_OWNER and MANAGER.  If it is not completed within, say a week thereafter, notify the TASK_OWNER /MANAGER/GROUP.


Allow for unlimited number of Steps for any task.


Provide a column which shows a summary of Steps in a Task. 


Allow for the current TASK_OWNER or MANAGER to send Step back to a previous Step, or to complete the Task


If this is a recurring task, invoke the new Task on the new START_DATE

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