CRO hack #05: Conduct polls and get the pulse of your visitors

CRO hack #05: Conduct polls and get the pulse of your visitors

Whether you are planning for a website overhaul, product repositioning or content revamp, understanding your customers' needs goes a long way in making important business decisions. What better way to understand their needs than to ask them directly? Polls are a powerful, quick and effective method to collect customer feedback and draw meaningful insights.  

Here are a couple of instances where polls can make a difference:

Boost engagement rates: Polls give your visitors a voice. With the right set of questions, you can interact with your visitors, know their interests and keep the engagement game going.  

Identify drop-offs: A simple "What stopped you from signing up?" or "Did you find what you are looking for here?" can help you see why visitors are leaving your website without taking the desired actions. 

Evaluate content: We constantly update our pages, put out user education content, but how do we know if that's really helping our readers? Ask your readers if your materials are useful to them and improve your content based on their feedback. 

Optimize user experience: Polls can help you see what visitors think about your website/product/landing pages and why they behave in a certain way. You can create a better user experience with this data. 

Improve word-of-mouth: Run Net Promoter Score surveys to know how customers feel about your business or learn whether they would recommend your product to their friends. 

Get feature insight: Want to know if a feature is useful to your target market? Just ask them.  

Build product roadmap: Your customers can give you honest opinions on what's good, what's bad, and what's lacking in your product. Getting their feedback can help you prioritize your releases and build a better product roadmap.

Do you have any use cases to share with us? Please leave them in the comments below. 

Vaijayanthi N. 

    Zoho Marketing Automation
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