CRO hack #07: See what your visitors see. Give them what they want.

CRO hack #07: See what your visitors see. Give them what they want.

As a web marketer, your job doesn't end after you launch a website and put out a series of cornerstone content. You have to understand how visitors interact with your website and analyze what has worked with your target market and what hasn't. And you can achieve this with the help of session recording. 

What is session recording?
Session recordings are video renderings of your visitor's actions on your website. You can play, pause, and replay the recordings to see how visitors engage with your website. Session recordings not only help you see what your visitors do on your website, but also help you identify your conversion bottlenecks. 

Here are a couple of things session recording can help you with:


See why people leave your website

Let's say you notice a lot of visitors bouncing off from your pricing page and you have no clue what went wrong. In this case, you can create a session recording to see what you are missing. For example, if the recordings show that the majority of visitors hover over a particular spot and bounce off, you might be missing a call-to-action there.


Know the elements that draw visitor's attention

Session recording shows you how visitors interact with each element on your website, where they click, how they scroll, and which elements keep them hooked for long, and so on. 


Identify bugs in the UI and improve user experience  

Broken images, broken links, missing CTAs and form failures can be major turn offs for your visitors. Session recording shows how visitors navigate through your website so you can help them when they get stuck and fix any usability issues you may have. 


What session recording doesn't show you:

Details that people fill out on the forms like their username, passwords, job titles, etc are masked so you don't have to worry about stepping too much on your visitor's privacy toes.  

Here's this week's quick hack:

Have you tried using our session recording feature yet? Give it a spin and share your experience with us.


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