Cross-Word Puzzle - Edition 01

Cross-Word Puzzle - Edition 01

Across (General knowledge)

1. The company, "Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd" is better known as?

2. Nintendo trademarked the phrase,“It’s on like _______ Kong” in 2010.

3. Japanese word for the habit of buying too many books, letting them pile up, and never reading them.

4. The only state in America that can be typed on one row of a traditional English QWERTY keyboard.

5. A single strand of Spaghetti.

6. A 2000 comedy-drama movie starring Kate Hudson: "_______ Famous".

7. The tall chef’s hat.

8. One of the only two planets in our solar system that do not have any moons.

9. To leave a party without informing anyone is called (in English), a “________ Exit."

10. A group of unicorns.



Down (Brand Trivia)

1. A brand that was infamously nicknamed 'Cowboy killer,' after the actors who appeared in its advertisements died of lung cancer.

2. The popular automobile company, also translated to "People's car" in German.

3. __________ was named after the Greek Goddess of victory

4. The original name of Twitter was _______.

5. A Toyota Altis campaign featuring ______ ______ was banned in Malaysia due to concerns from the government of the effect his good looks would have on the self-esteem of Malaysian men.

6. ___________ used the Muse’s “Feeling Good” in a commercial without permission. Muse sued them and gave the settlement money to charity.

7. Apple's iPad retina display is manufactured by ________________.

8. Google was originally called ___________.

(Answers in the comment section below. Let us know how many you got!)

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