Customers Confused After Checkout - WE NEED CONDITIONAL "THANK YOU" PAGES

Customers Confused After Checkout - WE NEED CONDITIONAL "THANK YOU" PAGES

All of our subscriptions are completed through Hosted Payment Pages. Once the payment goes through, customers are redirected to the "Thank You" hosed page. The "Thank You" currently is incapable of giving the customer enough information about their subscription. 

Our organization uses Subscriptions for physical products. We rent musical instruments. When someone places a subscription order online, they have the option of picking it up in our store or having it delivered to them. Depending on their choice, we would like to give them relevant information/instructions on what to do next. For example...

(If customer wishes to pick up their subscription)
---> "Please wait until you receive a SMS from us saying your order is ready for pickup, prior to coming to our store. Our store hours are... etc."

(If customer wishes to have their subscription delivered)
---> "You will receive a SMS confirmation once your subscription has been delivered. Please check your front door asap to ensure the expensive instrument doesn't get stolen."

For this to be possible, "Thank You" page templates would have to be conditional based on a subscription-level custom field that we created (called "Fulfillment Method"). In other words, we would need to be able to create and apply our own custom rules for how customers are redirected after paying for a subscription in a hosted page.

I am aware that this is a big ask, but please consider adding this functionality to Zoho Subscriptions in the future.

Thank you!

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