days of wasted life

days of wasted life

working with zoho campaign is frustrating.

I have to start a marketing campaign then create many landing pages and each one must have a signup form:
for ech form i need to run a Workflow.

Knowing that if I use ZOHO FORM, all the people who fill it in will be identified on their return and I will be able to see the NAME and SURNAME of the visit, I create a form and associate it with a zoho campaign.

subscribers become part of a list which in turn is shared with the zoho marketing hub.
This should also identify visitors and enable SMART POP UP

#First problem:
if a user uses a zoho form, he will be recognized by sales iq and therefore his name will be seen, but it will not be recognized by marketing hub

I continue ...

I try to associate the ZOHO FORM with a list of marketing hubs and not zoho campaigns, hoping to be able to identify the visitor.
I start designing the list and the workflows I have to do and ...

#Second problem:
I discover that in hub marketing workflows it is NOT possible to activate specific companies when a person replies to an email received.

then I leave the marketing hub and start all over again with zoho campaign

I create a list on zoho campaign.
and various forms associated with it.
All forms are joined to the same list.
I create several workflows and each one must be activated upon entering data in a specific form (and not upon entering a list)

#third problem:
a person fills out a form, enters the list and executes the form.
if the person later fills in the same form DOES NOT rerun the workflow because stupidly it is not possible to run the same workflow twice.

#fourth problem:
if a person fills out a form, she enters the list and executes the form.
if the person subsequently fills in another form, even the associated workflow uses "form entry" as a trigger, the workflow is not executed

I tried to get around this by creating a list for each form, and a workflow for each list.
I find it useless and chaotic..but waiting for a solution could have been fine as a solution .... BUT

#fifth problem:
I am Italian.
For each list I would have to manually change the texts of all emails and pages in the list configuration
do you have any idea how much useless time is wasted?

I pretend nothing has happened and go on

having used a campaign form, the visitor inside the list, if shared with the marketing hub, will be identified by this program and will prompt the activation of smartpop up.

# sixth problem
the people who are on the campaign are synchronized on the crm so they have a name and a cognme but, having not used the zoho form as a registration form to the list, these, even if recognized as known visitors, will not be identified with name and surname.

I'll stop for today.
stay connected to be updated on the other integration crap between the programs made by the same company ..

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