Deluge in Zoho Services #2: Zoho Writer

Deluge in Zoho Services #2: Zoho Writer

Hello all,

We hope you found the previous post in this series useful. In today's post, let's explore how Deluge works in Zoho Writer.

Zoho Writer supports Deluge in the following three areas (workflows):

Workflow 1 : Execute a Deluge function after a document is signed by all recipients

Zoho Writer offers a sign templates feature to let users send documents to recipients to sign while in the document. Deluge enables users to write custom business logic that will be triggered once a document is signed by all the assigned signers.
Let's imagine a client onboarding scenario. For easy maintenance, your organization's security team maintains Zoho Sign URLs of Terms and Conditions documents signed by all your clients in a Zoho Sheet document. Instead of manually entering the document URL in Zoho Sheet every time your organization closes a client, Deluge can help automate this process.
See how it works
Note: Refer to the help page to learn how to achieve this automation.

Workflow 2: Execute a Deluge function on creation of documents from merge templates

Zoho Writer's merge templates can help create multiple documents from a single template based on a data source. You can learn about them here. In this workflow, custom automation using Deluge can be achieved on successful creation of merge documents.
Let's consider an interview scenario. The interviewer records candidate validation in a Zoho Sheet. At the end of the interview process, the validation results of all the candidates needs to be converted into individual documents (using Zoho Writer's merge templates) and attached in their respective records in Zoho Recruit.
The validation sheet is in the following format:

In the above template, the Candidate ID in the J column is the candidate's record ID in Zoho Recruit. Deluge can be employed to attach the new merged documents into the respective candidate records in Zoho Recruit automatically.
See how it works
Note: Refer to the help page to learn how to achieve this automation.

Workflow 3. Execute a Deluge function on submit of a fillable template

Deluge can be used to customize actions after submitting a Zoho Writer fillable template.
Let's assume you send a fillable document to your customers to get their feedback. You can use Deluge to automatically notify your support team about any feedback with a rating lower than 3.
See how it works
Note: Refer to the help page to learn how to achieve this automation.

Please let us know if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions in the comments, or write to us at In the next post, let us discuss about Deluge in Zoho People.
Thank you!

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