Email templates in CRM are now responsive on desktop and mobile devices

Email templates in CRM are now responsive on desktop and mobile devices

Dear All,
We're thrilled to announce that the email templates in Zoho CRM now follow responsive design for both desktop and mobile.

Responsive design refers to a method in which pages are designed to render well on all devices, whether it's your desktop, mobile, or tablet. Most web pages and multimedia content you view today on the internet are responsive—meaning they adapt to the device you're viewing them on. Similarly, in Zoho CRM, we've made our email templates responsive.

Until now, you could create templates that were optimized only for desktop clients and weren't responsive to mobile email views. You had the option to preview templates and make changes in the design elements to align manually.
The latest enhancements ensure that the templates you create will be automatically optimized for the convenience of your customers every time they open the various business emails you send them, irrespective of the platform they use. They can check your emails immediately, on the go, without having to switch to their desktop devices every time—and still get the same experience that you wish them to have.
For existing templates, the responsive feature will be effective once you edit and save them again. In line with the responsive template, we have introduced two new options for template preview—Mobile and Desktop, to quickly check the responsive functionality of your emails.

You'll have the option to switch between the template's preview from mobile to desktop and vice versa in the following places:
  1. The template preview on Template Builder page.

  2. The template preview page on template list page.

  3. The template preview on template selection page.

Please note the following:
  • This responsive functionality is available by default for the templates created in the drag-and-drop editor and HTML editor. But if you've used your own HTML code to create a template, you should insert the media query in the style tag for it to be responsive.
  • This responsive functionality will apply to the newly created templates. For existing templates, you should edit and save to apply the functionality. 
UI Enhancements:
The Send Test Email button has been relocated to the top-right corner of the pop-up.

Additional Enhancements:
To send test emails after creating or editing an email template, we have now provided the option to add up to five of your CRM users. You can add them on the Send Test Email pop-up screen.

Read more about email templates on our help pages: Creating email templatesUnderstanding email template builder.
P.S. These enhancements are now live for all users in all DCs.

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