Faster and Better hiring with Zoho Recruit

Faster and Better hiring with Zoho Recruit

Recruiting has become more difficult in today's fast-paced markets. As the job market has become more competitive, recruiters must be more selective in selecting the right candidate, which requires more time to engage candidates. 

New technological advances have transformed the recruitment process from transactional to engaging. Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based hiring platform that does it all for the modern recruiter. It is intuitive and precise to use, and it was designed to provide diverse, end-to-end hiring solutions for staffing agencies, corporate HR teams, and temporary workforces. 

  1. Zoho Recruit provides comprehensive solutions for in-house recruiters and staffing agencies, allowing you to source, track, and hire the best candidates without faking multiple media.
  2. It caters to staffing agencies that hire candidates for external companies and corporate HR departments that source candidates within their organization.
  3. By developing recruitment marketing functionality to attract passive candidates on social media, Zoho Recruit assists you in acquiring the best talent. 
  4. Zoho Recruit assists you in attracting the best candidates. It simplifies and streamlines the hiring process. The data-driven approach of the solution and the variety of reports it provides assist you in identifying ways to improve your recruitment efforts.
  5. Zoho Recruit handles resume management, candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, communication, interview scheduling, and hiring functions all within a single system.

Zoho Recruit is a recruitment applicant tracking system (ATS) aimed at third-party recruitment agencies that hire candidates for external companies and corporate HR departments that source candidates within their organization. It is intended for small businesses that need to fill job openings quickly, companies that want to invest in recruitment marketing to improve the quality of candidates they attract, and data-driven recruiters who wish to track the success of their hiring campaigns.

Features of Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit has a comprehensive set of features covering the entire recruitment cycle, from sourcing to screening to interviewing to onboarding candidates.

  1. Career portal
    Create a personalized career portal, publish job openings, and allow candidates to apply via the candidate login.
  1. Mobile app
    Use the Zoho Recruit mobile app to schedule interviews, track job openings, and share information with the team. It is consistent with both Android and iOS devices.
  1. Dashboards
    The platform's activity dashboards in Zoho recruit track and assess data and view job status, interview schedules, and employee information.
  1. Resume extractor
    Use the Resume Inbox to automatically extract resumes as email attachments or use specialized tools to extract resumes from LinkedIn and other sites.
  1. Integration
    Use third-party integrations to connect the system to Google Docs, Calendar, and other Zoho solutions. Zoho Recruit can now automate data entry tasks.
  1. Job creation and management
    When posting a new job, you can start from scratch or use a template. While creating a job is a standard procedure (you fill in the role details, such as title, location, salary, and job description), there are some valuable fields. For example, the target date field allows you to track your progress and success while also creating detailed recruiting performance reports. You can also post contract, seasonal, and even volunteer work positions.

Benefits of Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit facilitates the process of filling a position, and the following are just a few advantages of using the platform to help your business grow:

  1. Analysis and evaluation of candidates
    There are as many qualified candidates for a position as available opportunities. One of the toughest jobs in the HR department is sifting through so many qualified candidates to select only a few for the interviewing process. Because this can be a difficult and time-consuming requirement, Zoho Recruit can assist in establishing parameters that move candidates through an automatic funnel based on language, qualification, or requirements that the individual selects. 
  1. Enhance the visibility of your careers page by customizing it.
    Whether you have blasted a job opportunity across multiple job boards or are simply using organic channels to visit your Careers page, this destination on your site must be easy to navigate, informative, and visually appealing. Zoho Recruit will collaborate with your HR team to optimize this page to be consistent with your brand while attracting top candidates.

    By integrating this page with candidate information, your HR team will be able to better filter leads and store, qualified candidates.
  1. Scheduling for those who work for the company temporarily
    Managing a short-term project with temporary employees can be a lot of work and planning, whether for one or multiple projects. Zoho Recruit can assist with time management and keeping all information organized to easily accessible. This will also help your HR team decide how to proceed with other or similar projects in the future, as they will be able to implement these processes more efficiently each time.
  1. Conducting background checks and screening alternatives
    One of the advantages of living in this digital age is that it is nearly impossible not to have a "paper trail." We're all so ingrained in our digital systems that it's easier than ever to check someone's background, which is especially useful for those in the hiring process. From background checks to reference calls, Zoho Recruit assists your HR team in ensuring that their candidate has a background that is appropriate for the company. This capability saves time for both the company and the candidate, allowing the process to move along reasonably.

Why should you use Zoho Recruit?

  1. Superior ability
    Use source boosters, comprehensive candidate reviews, and social media postings to find the best candidates for open positions.
  1. Customizable
    Throughout the hiring process, you can create and edit modules and statuses.
  1. Low cost
    Users can choose from subscription plans based on their business's needs.
    Users can access the most basic plan for free, while paid plans provide additional features.
  1. Enhanced communication
    Recruiters can use the system to make phone calls and send text messages to candidates.


The recruiting environment today is highly competitive. In the age of social distancing, recruiters must think outside the box to meet potential employees and deal with talent shortages in specific fields. Zoho Recruit automates the recruitment process from start to finish by integrating recruiting activities from start to finish. Zoho Recruit is a hiring and applicant tracking software that assists staffing agencies and recruiters in tracking talent, applicants, and more.

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