Frequent Email Alerts

Frequent Email Alerts

I am trying to create an alert for when a contact has opened an email in Marketing Automation more than a certain amount of times (in this case, 4). The alert would go to a salesperson and notify them that there is a "frequent email opener" and they should follow up with the contact/lead.

However, Zoho doesn't have a direct function for this. What I attempted to do was create a checkbox of "frequent email opener", copy and paste the frequent openers into an Excel sheet, and reupload them with the checkbox checked. Then, I created a Workflow rule where the checked box would trigger a follow up task. However, this isn't working because there are only two conditions to initially trigger everything: if a contact is updated/created, or if a contact is created. If triggered every time a contact is updated, then sales would get an alert every time an update is made in general and not just for the checkbox- if checked for "when a contact is created", existing contacts that are simply updated are not included.

Does anyone have any other ideas/ways around this? 

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