Get deeper insights about your website visitors - with SalesIQ Custom Actions

Get deeper insights about your website visitors - with SalesIQ Custom Actions

Integrate the actions on your website with SalesIQ, then watch as we automatically enrich them as powerful insights. Because, SalesIQ now gets the new addition to Track/Trigger an Action/Score based on the custom clicks, videos played, downloads, hyperlinks and much more activities that happen on your web pages.

SalesIQ can not only track and report the navigation and activities from one page to the other but can also track the visitor activities happen on the page, i.e., we can trace the button clicks, videos played, downloads, hyperlinks, social sharing and other activities. Using which you can prioritize, score and trigger an action to the visitors and also can improve your website navigations according to your customer needs.


  • Segregate the potential customers in the tracking screen who wants to buy your product/service out of the junk.

    For example:

    Many visitors visit the shopping website daily. However, to know the potential customers, only few button clicks, and hyperlinks on your website may be important like Add Product to Cart, Save for Later, Similar Picks link, etc. So, you (support representative) can customize the tracking window to prioritize the visitors based on the custom actions performed which can help you to initiate a proactive chat to important visitors and convert them into customers.

  • Score your visitors with their movements on site and weigh them accurately.

    For example:

    In a Motorbike selling website, you can add/less points to the visitor's lead score based on the product they opt on the website. If they choose Scooter, then add 30 points to the lead score . Moreover, if they choose Motorcycle then add 50 points to the visitor's score. Also, if the visitor chooses Superbikes then add 80 points. This can help you to weigh the value of the customer and the product they opt to buy on your site.

  • Listen to your visitor's clicks and hovers, and trigger them with an efficient response. Also, learn more about the performance of your web actions and customize them according to your customer needs.

    For example:

    In an insurance/banking industry, the little actions that happen on a web page count. To help the customers, you can set the intelligent trigger in SalesIQ to initiate the chat invite from different product experts based on the product the visitor choose.

    That is, when the visitor downloads the white paper from the website, then based on the white paper the chat invite from the concern product expert has to be triggered.

  • If the visitor downloads the Family Insurance white paper, then the chat invite from the Family Insurance expert will be initiated.

The Example of the smart custom action in action:

In the second-hand car buying/selling website, when the visitor compares two or more cars in similar price then you can show more car suggestions on the left side window based on the price they choose.

You can automate this process in few simple steps with SalesIQ:

Step 1 : Open the website source code file.
Step 2 : Add the Custom Action JSAPI code in the source code.
Step 3 : In Settings -> Automation ->Intelligent trigger, click Add.
Step 4 : In "When the visitor" choose "Performs the custom action," and enter the name of the custom action "compare-button-click" in the value text box. ( Note : The name of the button click mentioned in code and the custom action JSAPI should be given in the value text box.)
Step 5 : Now, set the condition and criteria as "Visitor type" is equal to "all."
Step 6 : Then, select the action type as " Invoke JSAPI " and enter the trigger name as "show-suggestion-based-on-price." ( Note : You can add any action you would like to perform using Invoke JSAPI, here the code to "show suggestions based on the price" is added in the website source code and the name of the trigger is provided in the "Trigger name" section.)

Step 7 : When the visitor clicks on the "Compare" button, then the relevant suggestions based on the price compared will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Learn more in detailed about " Perform a custom action " in the intelligent trigger section.

Please visit our User guide , to learn more about our SalesIQ features.


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