How to Improve the Customer Service with Zoho

How to Improve the Customer Service with Zoho

Regardless of the size and scale of a business, there is always a requirement to reach out to the customers for standing out and gaining better reliability. One of the most organic ways of doing the same is either by email or phone. However, it is important that all customer calls are taken care of in a linear and controlled manner. Doing the same without using the correct tool can prove to be difficult.

In the beginning, you will require a place to store and manage all the conversations because if the valued customer returns following up on the previous calls, or asks more questions then you must be aware. With time, you will be able to form a relationship with your customers and you will also need to maintain the context of all your interactions with them. Additionally, there will be a need to do the same overall types of channels so that your customers can reach out effectively.

That being said, all of this is just a glimpse of what exactly can be done by customer service software. In this blog, we will have a detailed look at the steps in which you can overshine your customer service with Zoho Desk.

Before we take a look at how Zoho Desk support helps us in detail, let us first begin by understanding what Zoho Desk is in complete detail.

What is Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk is actually customer service software that is created to assist businesses to provide exceptional support to their valued customers. It is embedded with various tools and functionalities that offer a wide range of helpful analytics while enhancing business productivity.

Zoho Desk support helps numerous industries. For instance; all manufacturing and distributing organizations might encounter a problem with their returns because of defective products, sudden shipments, and the like. With the help of Zoho Desk, these clients can be helped by getting a simple way to submit requests. Additionally, the Zoho can also be embedded into the Zoho Finance applications or the Zoho ERP software applications, which provides a better custom solution.

Working of Zoho Desk:

The working of the Zoho Desk is rather simple and hassle-free to get a grip on. At the time when a customer encounters a problem that they would like to solve at the earliest, they are more than likely to call or send an email to the company. Although this can sound and seem obvious, it can actually turn into a problem if the volume of customer service calls rises too high.

As support in this situation, Zoho Desk comes in and routes the different support requests directly to a specific department or to a support agent. With the help of the Zoho Desk, the clients can be encouraged to reach a committed assistance phone address. This further helps in supporting the administrator in the sense that it offers an ability to route and oversee any prompts as and when they reach.

The benefit of Zoho Desk For Customer Service:

Zoho Desk is actually integrated with social support that allows the customers to ask questions, pass requests, and call for assistance through well-known networks on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is well acknowledged that the quality of customer support should be at a Peak in all cases and so, the software assists the business managers in making sure that complete support is offered through all networks.

With the expert support of analytics and reporting tools, the company managers and operators can figure out the concern and problems linked to the productivity and performance of the staff. All the insights so acquired from the software are used for enhancing the performance while handling the customer support tasks.

Managing Customer Service with Zoho Desk

1. Automatic Ticket Notifications: Organizations can set up the Zoho Desk in a way that when a customer sends an email to a specific email address, it will be organically captured in the form of a Zoho Desk. After this gets set up, almost any email that goes to that specific address will notify all users in an organization just so that prompt action can be taken.

In addition, one can also get an automatic notification in case a customer replies or goes ahead to re-open the ticket. All users are always notified as to when these messages occur so that when the track is lost, you can actively avoid the phone and email.

2. Tracking Agent Availability: In case you are aware of customer service, you would know that the Service Level Agreements or the SLAs are an important concept. One can set the particular turn-around time that is needed for replying to the support tickets either for following up or closing.

If the Service Level Agreement is not met then you will be notified immediately and the ticket will have a red highlight. The agents can also set their availability in the top right corner of the Zoho Desk.

In this way, you can know that an agent is available at the desk for taking care of the support tickets. There is another feature called agent collision in the ticketing interface that enables two or more agents to open and see the tickets at the same time.

3. Direct Reply to Customers: With Zoho Desk, the organization representative can directly reply to the customers and view their email chain accordingly. In this way, there is no need to give your support staff access to the support email inbox directly.

The support staff can reply to all customers’ right from the support email ID provided and linked with Zoho Desk. In addition, there is also a comment private feature that helps in communicating with the staff internally about a specific ticket. All these comments can be effectively seen by the customers.

4. Creating Custom Reports: One can find a summary of all tickets along with detailed reports on the metrics that explain the tickets. The reports can be viewed in the summary in a tabular form or a matrix. There will be a need to either configure or customize the report before one can view it.

You can select a module and then a different column from the module that you would wish to see in the report. You can also group your columns just as you wish while choosing a method to display a mathematical sum or an average.

For example: in case you wish to see how many tickets were closed by an agent, all that is needed to do is to select the name, email, and the status of the agent so that you can get a sum of all numbers. These are different kinds of customizations that can be achieved but all reports plainly zero in on the report types, criteria, and column for the report.

5. Creating Modules: Zoho Desk enables the creation of distinct customer service modules. For instance: you might have different individuals who send a support ticket or who were your customers in a project. These individuals are often placed in the Contact modules.

These contacts might be affiliated with a company that is billed. Therefore, contacts will be eventually associated with accounts that are typically a module.

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