How to show/hide values of certain fields of a form depending on their value from another form

How to show/hide values of certain fields of a form depending on their value from another form

(Note: this is a rephrasing of my last question since I didn't get the answer I'm looking for)

I need to find a way to show/disable fields in one form based on a decision filed from another form

I have 3 form: Products, WorkOrders (like invoices) and WorkOrderProducts(The actual products the customer specifies)

The Products form consists of a single-line field and 8 decision boxes(e.g length, diameter, PN, etc...). Each product will have some of the decision boxes checked and others unchecked.

The WorkOrder form contains information about the customer's order. Here we determine the actual values for each field of the product (i.e Length = 10, diameter = 100,  PN= 25, etc...)

The WorkOrderProducts form is simply the form that stores the actual products the customers order. Notice that here we store the actual Products and not just their specification as in the Products form.

What I want to do is simple:
In the WorkOrders form, I need a way to add multiple WorkOrderProducts to a single WorkOrder. I also want to make it so that the WorkOrderProduct's fields are disabled if they are unchecked in the Product's decision box.

I have tried using a Sub-Form in the WorkOrder form which links to WorkOrderProducts but I've been told that You can only disable the entire column for a specific field... I need to be able to disable each field for some rows and enable it for the others. So Sub-Forms won't work for my Use Case... I need to find another solution

Any Ideas?

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