I need a Flow that will MOVE a Sales order from CRM to a Sales Order in Books

I need a Flow that will MOVE a Sales order from CRM to a Sales Order in Books

It appears as if the Quotes and Sales Orders in CRM are dead-ends. The data doesn't go to Books with any detail.

I can create a Flow that will create a Sales Order or Invoice in Books, but there aren't any line item details. Without the details, it is a pain to re-enter all the data for purchasing and customers want to see the details of what they bought on the Invoice.

Ideal solution would be that integrating Books with CRM on One would turn off Sales Orders and Invoicing in CRM. When a Quote is Converted in CRM, a Sales Order is created in Books with the line item details. This would allow all the Products, Price Books, and Quotes to stay in CRM and keep all that noise out of Books. Especially all the failed/revised quotes. This would further allow Accounting to make sure the Sales Order is correct before converting to an invoice and creating Purchase Orders.

I have attempted to create a Flow that will trigger when a new Sales Order is created in CRM. However, all I get is a composite number and no line item details.

This Flow Gallery looks like it will work "Zoho CRM-Zoho Inventory",  but the 2nd & 3rd steps are deprecated, probably due to a Flow update.  This Flow should probably be removed from the Gallery.

Is it possible to get a Flow Gallery that will:
  1. Trigger = Quote is converted to Sales Order in CRM
  2. Sales Order is created in Books and copies all the line item details to the Sales Order in Books.
  3. Sales Order in CRM is deleted. This is to reduce any confusion on Reports or Analytics.
On my end, I would turn off Sales Orders and Invoices in CRM. I would also integrate Books with CRM so the Finance module is available. 

A work-around that has failed was to have the Salespeople do Estimates in Books. The Salespeople are kind of loose cannons with data details and this created significant data errors in Books, lots of partial products, MANY estimates that were rejected and/or had to be revised many times. None of my clients want their Salespeople anywhere near Books. 

Is there a solution for this issue? 

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