Introducing the Magical "SalesIQ Email Genie" - Now get your visitor's insights in your favorite email client.

Introducing the Magical "SalesIQ Email Genie" - Now get your visitor's insights in your favorite email client.

SalesIQ gets an exciting new addition Email Genie in the Integrations tab. You can now integrate your mobile email client with Email Genie and receive the SalesIQ emails in your mobile with the insights about the visitors attached to the email.

How does Email Genie work?

Email Genie is a magical technology that works with your favorite email client and provides more insights about the email sender. The details like Lead Score, Opportunity, CRM info, Support, and Campaign info if available in SalesIQ then they will be attached to the emails received via the mobile email client. With the available data, you can draft personalized replies to the emails from your mobile email client without opening your SalesIQ app or browser window.

How to Configure Email Genie?

  1. The SalesIQ administrator should enable Email Genie in the SalesIQ Integration tab. How to enable SalesIQ integration?
  2. Then, the Admin/Supervisor/Associate will get an additional tab Configure Email Genie on the My Profile tab. How to configure Email Genie?
  3. Finally, you should configure email genie on your mobile device. Follow the below steps to configure Email Genie in your mobile email client: ( Note : Device used to configure in the example: iPhone 6s, please follow these steps to configure on your IOS mobile email client.)

    • Once you have configured Email Genie in the My Profile tab, you will receive the inputs you should provide on the device in the "Configure on your Mobile Device" page (I have chosen IOS since I configure Email Genie in my iPhone.)

    • Now on the Mobile device, go to Mail .
    • The Welcome page appears, choose your email client. If you did not find the name of your email client in the welcome screen, then choose Other .
    • The New Account page appears, provide your SalesIQ login credentials in the page.
    • Then, enter the incoming and outgoing server details available in the Configure on your Mobile Device page of your SalesIQ.

    • Your mobile email client is now integrated with SalesIQ - Email Genie, and the configuration success message will be displayed on the SalesIQ screen.

    Now, when the visitor emails you the queries, the necessary details about the visitor will also be displayed in the email, you receive.

What information does Email Genie provide?

The info you get from Email Genie:

  • Opportunity Percentage
  • SalesIQ - Lead Score
  • Last Visit
  • Last Contacted by
  • Visitor Interested Page
  • Visitor Status in Zoho CRM
  • Potential in Pipeline
  • Recent Support Ticket
  • Recent Campaign Sent to the Visitor

Note to Administrators:

The Enable Email Genie option is available only to you in the Integration tab. Only after you enable the integration, the Email Genie tab will appear to the supervisors and Associates in the My Profile section. You also have an option to Disable Email Genie for specific users you wish not to provide access.

Note to Associates:

The Configure Email Genie tab will appear in the My Profile tab only after your administrator enables Email Genie in the Integration tab. How to configure Email Genie?

Benefits of Email Genie:

  • You can respond to your visitor emails quickly and without switching between the apps:

    With Email Genie configured, you can respond to your visitor's email more quickly. Also, you need not have to switch between different apps to learn about the visitor before responding to the email.


    Let's assume, In a real-estate business, a customer is in an urgent need of a house for rent in Ohio, United States, due to his Job transfer. So, he spoke with the support executive through chat and awaited an email reply about the price quote. As he didn't receive any email for a long time, the visitor sends an email stating "did not get any price quote from support executive."

    And you receive an email from your mobile client while you are away from work or desk. Here, Email Genie pulls all the info about the visitor recorded in the SalesIQ and displays you in the email.

    Now, you can contact the support executive who handled the last chat and asks them to send the price quote for the visitor immediately. You can save the deal as well as escalate the issue immediately to other support executives without switching between the apps.

  • You can avoid wrong or irrelevant replies and you can also compose personalized response to the visitors:

    You will not miss a good deal by irrelevant or wrong reply. You can reply instantly as well as accurately to the queries of the visitor. The visitor info will also help you to draft personalized replies to each visitor's email.

    For Example:

    In an online shopping website, the customer contacted the support representative as the product the customer bought online is not working. But, no help was extended to the customer for a long time. So, the visitor sent a complaint email, stating the problem.

    When you receive the email, you could see the chat was handled by another support rep and a support ticket has also been raised regarding the issue, but the customer did not get any solution for the problem yet.

    Now, before replying the email, you can check with the higher official or you can even escalate the email to the support team regarding the solution. Here, Email Genie helps you to handle the visitor more appropriately by saving an automated or irrelevant reply.

Please visit our SalesIQ User Guide to learn more about SalesIQ Email Genie .



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