Let your visitors hold down all the conversations that they have with your operators in reserve!

Let your visitors hold down all the conversations that they have with your operators in reserve!

Hello buddies,

Hope you are all doing great out there! I am back to brief you all about a cool new feature launched by SalesIQ - View past conversations , which allows your visitors to keep track of all the past conversations that they had with the operators of your firm in their own chat windows. Inquisitive to know more about this feature? Then do stick around and continue reading.
Well, what is the sole purpose of bringing in this feature?

Consider a scenario in which a prospective customer of your firm, Tony had bought in a new detachable multi-purpose holder from your online store. And, he tried to build it up step by step as described in the help manual given, but he couldn't. So he plans on seeking the help of the support team of your online store via live chat. And say an operator of your firm provides him with elaborate instructions to build it up. 

Assume Tony had to re-build the holder from scratch again and he is in need of the instructions that were given to him by the operator of your firm earlier. Oopsie, that's when he realizes that he doesn't really remember the instructions that your operator provided him with earlier and the manual provided with the product is of no help. 

This is where our new feature comes into play. Cool, isn't it?   


How can I avail this option for my chat widget?
  • It's so simple, just click on the Settings -> Websites -> Live chat widget -> Chat window -> Configurations tab.
  • Scroll down the window to the bottom.
  • You would find an option, View past chats/conversations.
  • Enable it and you are done!

Now scoot back, and run a test to see if it is working fine. Now you are good to go.
Perks of using this feature :
  • Cosy up your visitors by letting them run through the old conversations whenever they want to or have to. 
  • Save the process of mailing the chat transcripts after every other conversation that the visitor has with the agents.
Heads up !!
  • We have to understand the fact that, this feature would work fine only until the data stored in the cookie are alive.
  • And do remember that if you log in from a different browser, the website might not identify you or display your previous conversations.
Jeez, is there a possibility to outfox the above-mentioned drawbacks? 
  • Well yeah, don't worry we have an API which you can use to outrun this kind of situation.
  • Again run through our API documentation . You would find an API .visitor.id()  under the Visitor's APIs.
  • Now, incorporate this API on your website, this API would set a unique ID for every other visitor visiting your website. (When the visitor signs up for your website)
  • These IDs are bound with visitor details and are sent to the SalesIQ account created for your firm.
  • Ergo, the next time the visitor visits your website, the JS API incorporated on your website would send the visitor ID of that particular visitor to your SalesIQ account.
  • SalesIQ then fetches the data bound with that particular ID and sends out the retrieved data back to your browser and thus displaying your visitor's previous conversations in his/her chat window. 
  • And not only that, even if the visitor logs in from a different browser or even a different device, we still can identify them using this API thus avoiding redundant visitor data in your SalesIQ account. 
Well, it's time for me to bid adieu. Hope this post was comprehensible and helpful. Take care and stay in the pink of health!!!
Fond regards,

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