Master the CX Suite: Join our workshops to elevate your customer experience

Master the CX Suite: Join our workshops to elevate your customer experience

Zoho's CX workshops have expanded to more cities this year, and we're excited to meet you all!

Here's where we'll be:

Why should you be a part of this workshop?  

If you've been trying to use the full potential of CRM Plus and other CX apps to make your business more customer-centric, this is the right place for you. Join one-on-one sessions and get product demonstrations directly from the experts. Gain insights and expertise about CRM Plus and learn how to use the different modules to fit your business scenarios. Discuss your challenges during the sessions and get tips and advice on how to deal with them more efficiently. Learn how to customize different modules and get up to date about the latest product updates and enhancements. Provide feedback about the product and even talk about your own user experiences to help us improve Zoho CRM Plus further.

What's on the agenda? 

Explore Zoho CRM Plus and its components in detail, and how you can consolidate them to improve your customer experience.

  • PageSense's heatmaps, form analytics, and visitor-tracking tools help you analyze website visitor behavior and improve your site's performance.
  • Learn more about lead generation, customer journey nurturing, and CRM synchronization for a seamless lead management experience.
  • Learn more about customization, automation, scoring, and workflow rules in CRM's sales flow management.
  • Visualize your customer journey using Canvas, wizards, blueprints and CommandCenter.
  • Work with customer support channels in Zoho Desk, including chats, chatbots, tickets, SLAs, ticket process management, workflows, Guided Conversations, IM integrations, and Zia.
  • Analyze reports, derive data-driven insights, and get CRM Plus's 360-degree customer view to enhance customer management. 
Attend the workshop, become a part of the Zoho CX Community, understand and master the CX suite, and apply the expertise you gain to your business. Network with peers from various industries, learn about their use cases, and understand how you can customize the product for your own needs.
Empower yourself with greater knowledge, skills, and competence and make your business much more efficient.

Don't miss out on our early-bird ticket sales, they're winding down fast! We're also offering special prices on group registrations for teams of 3 or more.

Please reach out to us at and (for European regions) if you have any questions.

Thank you!

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