Moving a subform lookup to another subform lookup

Moving a subform lookup to another subform lookup

Hello, i need help to pull data from one field into another.


Module - opportunity


1.So in example below - attached = Pull data from




- Builds subform - if Quote/Estimate/Invoice check box is checked (add to) or unchecked (Remove from) the products section, just the product_lookup..



2.See example below - attached = add to products


- enter or remove products base on Quote/Estimate/Invoice box being checked or unchecked, just product_lookup from the builds subform



basically we have an api dumping data into our custom subform "Builds", i need just the product_lookup to come down to products section on the same module so i can build Quotes and such easier and with just the products the customer has selected which is why we have the Quote/Esimate/Invoice checkbox...

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