Need SOMEONE'S Help! B2C CRM issues. Need anyone that works in construction, Labor/Service, Roofing etc

Need SOMEONE'S Help! B2C CRM issues. Need anyone that works in construction, Labor/Service, Roofing etc

Has ANYONE created a successful System process in Zoho CRM that works?
I own a roofing company and currently use JobNimbus. I love ZOHO and don't want to give up as I SEE the amazing potential! But, I feel i'm wasting my time! Just when I feel i'm getting close to finishing one part something else fails and have to change everything around! I'm curious if anyone has successfully created a good flow that works? 

Frustrating part is pulling a Record Owners (our Sales Reps) their personal info like photos, email, phone number from their UserID etc from any module.
Or Auto generating same fields from other modules by creation. Sounds super simple but can't seem to figure it out. No matter how many times I search the web. Tried every code and nothing happens. The Client script works but I need this to work on the CRM app as well.

Few things I want to happen that i'm struggling with:

1. Pull UserID Photo, Email, Phone, Hiring date, commission. But I would like to go to their personal module as well to show their deals, contacts they have related to them. Can see their commission etc. I tried creating a separate module but seems to be limited on how many I can connect (Lookup Field) to a contact, deal or other modules etc. As I seem to have tons of modules.

2. When I use the lookup Module I would like it to populate address, phone etc into the next module. Only reason being is I Merge documents and apparently doesn't do well in looking up related fields. So, I apparently have to convert everything over? Or if there is a way to merge 10 modules with particular information into one document??

3. Pulling information from a website. I pay for Aerial measurements for our roofs. So login, put in address and hit submit. we wait couple hours and then its ready to download! They have PDF's & csv ready to download. But, I would like the CRM to call or whatever it's called and push it to workdrive which then goes to Sheets, then pushes to fields in the CRM. So that way we can submit our material orders based on those measurements and I created formulas when those measurements go into their fields it gives us how much to order but also can create estimates based off those measurements.

4. THAT is where i'm running into problems. I need info pulled from one module for Measurements, Pull to get Labor pricing, Pull Material Pricing, Pull User info, Pull Customer info, pull Insurance info, then permit info ALL into one! lol is that even possible? or am. I wasting my time?

Hope someone can help or let me know i'm wasting my time and should find something else that'll work for my needs. Thanks guys.  
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