New Charts introduced in Webform Analytics

New Charts introduced in Webform Analytics

Hello Everyone,


Webform is an interesting avenue to collect information from prospective customers and further connect with them. The webform analytics, have been extensively put to use to identify its performance and understand customer behavior.

Previously in the Individual Form Analytics, we delved into analysis like number of Visits, Starters, Form Submissions (Partial and complete), Fields filled rate, Submissions based on Region, and Submissions based on Modules.

With this update, we are adding additional metrics to the individual form analytics:
  • Abandon Rate
  • Average Time Spent
We are also introducing new charts like,
  • Time Spent on Fields
  • Field Correction Rate
  • Field Drop Rate
  • Field Filled Order
  • Submissions based on Device Source
Consolidated KPI metrics for submissions
Under submissions we have introduced KPIs that summarizes the number of Visits, Unique Visitors, Submissions, Abandon Rate, and Average Time Spent by the visitor on a particular form.

Time Spent on Fields 
This analysis will help to understand visitors' pain points and address them either by changing the field type to picklist or a lookup, etc., so that visitors don't spend much time in filling the form.

Field Correction Rate
This chart shows the field in which the visitors make frequent corrections and helps to simplify the fields like providing an example or adding a tooltip, etc., to facilitate higher submissions.

Field Drop Rate
The chart shows the field at which the visitors drop out from filling or submitting the form resulting in partial or no submission.
This analysis will help understand visitors' reluctance to share confidential information. Perhaps removing or changing such fields will increase the submission rate.

Field Filled Order 
To monitor and rank the top 3 orders in which the visitors prefer to fill the form.
This analysis will help understand the customer behavior and allow to devise a strategic placement of fields for higher traction.

Submissions based on Device Source
To track the submissions from various devices, a pie chart representation of submissions based on Device Source is provided. The analysis is available for Mobiles, Computers, and Tablets giving a better chance at addressing any compatibility issues.

In addition to the new charts, we have also categorized the validation failed records and have updated the Visits

Categorization of Validations Failed Records
The individual form analytics contains analysis based on modules (For example: number of submissions in the Leads Module). Once the visitor submits the form, a record is created. If a field in that record encounters a validation error, those records will be retained for manual approval. (Read more about record approvals).

Now, the field in which the validation has failed is categorized distinctively as Rules Involved along with the number of records under the category.

Definition Update - Visits
Earlier, the term Visits indicated the number of times the webpage that hosts the webform is visited. However to provide better statistics, visits will now be computed only when a webform is loaded completely to ensure it has been viewed by the visitor. 

P.S.: All the field based charts are available only for users with Ultimate edition of CRM.

That's all about webforms' update. Read more about setting up webforms and webform analytics.

Thank you, 
Saranya Balasubramanian

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