New Enhancements in Zoho CRM Plus

New Enhancements in Zoho CRM Plus

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce the much anticipated release for Zoho CRM Plus, that is all set to give you a unified customer experience. We have added some exciting enhancements to the Desk, Social, Analytics, and SalesIQ modules that will help you run business processes more efficiently. Also, our unified customer experience platform aims to give a better and seamless experience with unified user interface, admin panel, set up options, search, and user panel.

Since the list of enhancements is quite extensive, we will walk you through each of them in two separate posts. In the first post we will discuss briefly about the enhancements in Desk and Analytics, followed by another post with details on SalesIQ and Social enhancements.

Enhancements in Zoho Desk - In Desk module we have added the following features:
  • Blueprint
  • Zia features like Sentiment analysis, Auto-tagging, Anomaly detection, Zia dashboard, Reply assistant, Chatbot and Zia Voice.
Extend the benefits of CRM's Blueprint feature to your support teams with Blueprint for Desk. The support teams can be on top of the issues and prevent frequent escalations by building a foolproof ticket solving process that ensures every customer gets timely, consistent, and better solutions.

Extend Zia's capabilities to Desk
We have included Zia's abilities in the Desk module that will help you enhance your business process in many ways. Let's see what's in store: 

  • Sentiment analysis: Just like Email sentiment in CRM, Zia will help support agents identify the tone of every customer ticket to ensure prompt action.

  • Auto-tagging: Zia will automatically tag customer responses with keywords based on the ticket's content, which will be intelligently grouped as auto tags. This will also help to identify the trending tags and the customer's sentiment behind them.

  • Anomaly detection: Zia will predict how incoming and outgoing ticket responses will trend and compare that prediction with actual traffic. It will also suggest any relevant anomalies.

  • Zia dashboard: The intelligent master dashboard will help the support teams view trending tags, ticket sentiments, anomalies and more.

  • Reply assistant: Zia automatically generates responses to customer questions by analyzing the keywords and also suggests relevant help documents from the database. Support agents can preview Zia's answers and include them in their responses.

  • Chat bot: ASAP brings your help centre directly into your website or mobile app. When users have a problem, they can browse through the knowledge base, post to the community, chat with an expert, or even raise a ticket. There's no need to leave your website or mobile app.

  • Zia Voice: Like Zia Voice in CRM, we've extended it's capabilities to Desk to help support teams access contextual customer information easily through voice and chat messages. With this, Zia Voice can now help businesses pull customer information across sales, marketing and support. Zia Voice is also available as an SDK, allowing businesses to provide Zia's functionality to their customers.

Enhancements in Zoho Analytics - We have renamed Zoho Reports as Zoho Analytics and added the following features in the Analytics module:
  • Ask Zia
  • Unified insights from sales, support, and marketing
  • New data connectors in social media, marketing and HR analytics
  • Smart data alerts
  • Collaborative analysis
  • On-premise edition

Ask Zia: Zia, is now available as an AI-driven search assistant in Zoho Analytics. Users can ask questions such as "What is the monthly sales trend across regions" and receive answers in the form of visual reports, instead of manually creating them.

Unified insights from sales, support, and marketing: Zoho Analytics blends data automatically from multiple sources, in the form of prebuilt reports and dashboards, to track critical business metrics. While there are 300+ pre-built reports and dashboards that provide useful business insights, users can also blend data from different sources, according to their needs.

New data connectors: Six new popular business connectors are added to Zoho Analytics, expanding the number of connectors to over 100. Each of these connectors has 100 prebuilt domain-specific reports and dashboards that users can use for analysis right away.
The list of connectors available are:
  1. Social media analytics: Facebook Pages, Twitter handles, and Twitter competitive analytics
  2. Marketing analytics: Bing Ads and Facebook Ads
  3. HR analytics: Zoho People

Smart data alerts: This feature alerts users via in-app notifications or email when an anomaly is detected, prompting appropriate action.

Collaborative analysis: Contextual commenting is now added to Analytic's collaborative capabilities. Users can comment on any report or dashboard and have contextual interactions with stakeholders.

On-premise edition: In addition to the existing cloud version, Zoho Analytics will allow an installable on-premise edition to offer deployment choices to users, and lets medium and large enterprises analyze their data stored in-house.

Check out more on these enhancements here.

In continuation to this update, please check out the enhancements in SalesIQ and Social. Here is the link to the post.


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