New Features rolled out on Jul 22, 2020

New Features rolled out on Jul 22, 2020

Ask Zia - our AI assistant with cool new features

A set of cool new features has been added to our already smart Ask Zia. The enhanced AI assistant will now support:

  • Ability to Understand Unstructured and Incomplete Queries: Ask Zia can now interpret grammatically unstructured queries appropriately. In the example below, although the query is not properly formed it will still be interpreted rightly as "show me sales by region in the previous year".

  • Typo Tolerance: Ask Zia is now typo tolerant. It can even understand misspelt words and interpret your questions right. The example below shows that misspelt words being handled appropriately and the question being rightly answered. 

  • Ability to Interpret Accurate Function Type: Ask Zia can interpret the intent of your questions, derive the functions to be applied on your data, and generate the metric that you are asking for. For example, the questions "Which region has the highest total sales" and "Which region has the highest number of sales" read very similar, but are subtly different. The first question should get the Region with the highest Total Sales (Sum function type). Whereas the second question should show the Region with the highest Sales Count (Count function type).  

  • Comprehend Short Dates and Weekday/Weekend: You can now ask questions with short dates and weekend notations like "Sales for Apr, May, and Jun 2020" or "Show me the weekend sales for June 2020". 


Organization Administrator role now available in Zoho One as well!

The Organization Administrator role is now available for Zoho One users as well. Earlier, the role was made available only to Zoho Analytics users. Based on the request from many Zoho One users, this role is now extended to Zoho One as well. 

Enhancements in Export and Email Dialog UX

The UI of the Export and Email dialogs has been enhanced for better usability. The new UX supports easy user navigation with succinct options.

Workspace Explorer Enhancements

In Workspace Explorer, you can now make sub-folders as " Default " folders too. Until now you can only make parent folders as default.

Click here to learn more about the Workspace Explorer.

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