New in Zoho Projects for this Quarter

New in Zoho Projects for this Quarter

We have been busy making Zoho Projects better for you. Here are our latest features and updates for this first quarter.

  • Major new addition in Zoho Projects is our integration with Zapier. You can now integrate Zoho Projects with other apps and automate workflows with Zapier. Explore more about this feature here.

  • Now, Portal OwnerAdmins, and Managers can also add followers in the Bug details page. Before this only users in the Reporter and Assignee roles were able to add followers. This is just to make bug operations such as Clone, Delete, Follow, etc easier from a common UI.

  • One another major addition is configuring webhooks, that facilitate automated HTTP notifications to third party applications from Zoho Projects. Read on to know what they are.

  • We've now enhanced the way you send emails for bug notifications. With Email Templates, you can customize the notification mail for various events i.e. when a bug is created, updated, deleted etc., accordingly. You can associate the Email templates to any notification event or an SLA. Read on!

  • You can now make your project "Strict " by providing a definite time frame so that the project is not extended beyond the scheduled end date. To make you accomplish this easier, the Calendar will not let you select dates beyond the scheduled project dates. Read more about our Strict Projects.

  • UI has been enhanced for Business Rule and SLA sections for a great visual appeal. You can now select multiple values in a rule, for all the fields, when you add or edit criteria for business rules and SLAs.

  • We answered your top request - Custom Fields! Customize your project with specific custom fields and define their visibility in a project based on your project need. Read more about how to customize a project with fields that you wished for.

  • In the Bugs tab, like Custom Views, add any number of Predefined Views to your favorites in one click. You can view all your favorites under the Favorite Views tab displayed above your Predefined Views.

  • Major update in Reports & Gantt Charts! We have introduced the Planned vs Actual hours tab to indicate work progress of the user based on the difference in their planned and actual hours. Read more about Planned vs Actual hours.  

Meanwhile, we are busy with our next set of great features to make Zoho Projects more reliable. Watch this space for regular feature updates and other announcements.

Mughil David
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      Dear users, We are very happy to announce that Zoho BugTracker is launched in our Marketplace now. You can build your extension completely online, access your data from third-party services, and manage issues effectively than before. You can find our services under the Project Management category in Marketplace. Our developers have also built three extensions which can be installed right away.  The Checklist extension enables you to manage a to-do list for your issues and create checklist templates
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