New Release - Gray Theme, Improved Collaboration and more

New Release - Gray Theme, Improved Collaboration and more

We are pleased to announce the new release of Zoho Sheet with the following new features, new UI and enhancements.
New Gray Theme
Zoho Sheet now sports a gray theme in tune with Zoho Writer and Zoho Docs giving you a more standardized user experience. Do you like the new gray theme? Let us know whether you like it or not in the comments. Click on the images to view it in their original size.

Where is the Save button?
With this release, we have removed the need for a Save button. We have revamped our application and changed the way we save data. All your edits are automatically saved. You need not worry that there is no save button because we have made the application much more reliable with this release. As soon as you type the data in a cell and hit Enter or navigate to another cell, the changes will be saved. Applying formats, styles, etc are saved automatically. At the top, you will find a message indicating when the file was last saved at.

New Sharing Options
With this release, we have introduced some new sharing options. If you are part of an organization account, you will be able to set the visibility of your spreadsheet to everyone in your organization. With this setting, you can even allow anyone in your organization to edit the spreadsheet if you wish to. There is another option to share your spreadsheets with people who do not have a Zoho account and optionally protect it with a password. Learn more about these options at .


Improved Realtime Collaboration
We have revamped our collaboration architecture and the way we process your edits. We have made the application more robust to ensure no data is lost while collaborating. As mentioned before, edits are automatically saved. Up to 50 users can collaborate simultaneously on a spreadsheet at any given point of time.

Spreadsheet Settings (Locale and Time Zone)
You now have the option of setting the locale settings of your spreadsheet. It is available under the File menu as Spreadsheet Settings. This setting will be used for all regional formats and behavior.
For example, if you set the locale as German, then:
  • The Thousands separator will be displayed as a dot and the decimal separator as a comma.
  • Default currency will be Euro.
  • Date will be shown as dd.MM.yy and will be interpreted the same way when you enter a date.
  • For some of the languages - German, French, Spanish and Polish - even the function names that you use in a formula will be in that particular language.
  • Series like Weekdays and Months will automatically be filled when you select a cell with one of these values and drag the fill handle down/across.

The Time Zone setting will be used for the NOW() and TODAY() functions. We already support this, just that we are exposing it better in this settings dialog.

Paste Special
With Paste Special, you have different options while copying and pasting like the following list. For example, this helps you in copying data around without affecting the destination formats or transpose the columns to rows and vice-versa. Here is the full list of options in Paste Special, which is available in the right click context menu.
  • Paste All
  • Paste Values
  • Paste Formats
  • Paste Formulas
  • Paste Comments
  • Paste Values and Number Formats
  • Paste Formulas and Number Formats
  • Paste All Except Comments
  • Paste All Except Borders
  • Transpose Range

Typeahead / Auto Completion
Typeahead functionality (auto completion) is now available in Zoho Sheet. As you type in your cells, unique matching values from the adjacent cells in the same column will be shown automatically and you can either accept the auto-completion or ignore it and continue typing. This is quite useful when you have a table with repeatable values in a column. For example, if you are maintaining your team's tasks in a spreadsheet. Fields like Status will have repeating values like Open, Closed, In Progress, etc. Owners would need to be repeated, and so are the Modules.

We hope you like the new features and enhancements. Do share your feedback with us by replying to this thread or by sending an email to .
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