Overview for unattended access

Overview for unattended access

we have hundreds of clients in dozens of groups. When starting the overview of unattended access, you get 

a) the clients of your default group or
b) all clients

The most needed and most sense besides favorites would be

c) all groups (not all clients of all groups)

Since the listing shows clients only, this is probably not possible. But for our daily working - guess for others too - this would be the most wanted view, since groups are customers and clients are machines. So one would see all customers and could easily find the customer.

Yes, the same is possible within the select field of the groups, but it is less neat. Further, if changing the listing to groups and clients, it would be possible to have subgroups. Next point which would make it more neat, since you can make subgroups for server and clients.

Just our 2 cents.


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    • Release Notes: Version 1.91, February 2015

      Unattended Access (Beta) is live!   Unattended Access, a feature requested by a lot of our customers is live now. Currently, it's in beta. You can add up to 100 computers per Technician subscription. They can also be accessed by your organization members.  My Computers  list in Zoho Assist home page will  always  display the online status of your unattended computers. You can rename the computers whenever you wish.  Currently, Unattended Access can be configured only for Windows computers. Nevertheless,

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