Recent enhancements in Zoho CRM

Recent enhancements in Zoho CRM

Hello everyone,

We recently released a few enhancements in these features: Validation rules, Calendar booking, SalesSignals, and Scoring Rules.
This post will give you a brief description of the updates.

Creating a validation rule using functions  

Until now you were able to create validation rule using criteria. Now, you can use functions to validate any value that is not stored in the CRM database. For example, account numbers, SSN details, registration numbers, etc. need not necessarily be stored in the CRM database. To validate such fields, you can write a function that will allow CRM to verify the value in third-party databases and throw an alert whenever there is a mismatch. 
You can also validate patterns of a value. For example, fields like phone number, zip code, account numbers require the values to be in a certain pattern and with function you can validate and alert the user whenever they enter an incorrect pattern. Kindly read the help document for further details and more use cases.

Duplicating team bookings in calendar booking

If you want to create a team booking similar to an existing one you can duplicate it. The configuration can further be modified as required. Kindly read the help document for further details.

Viewing Zoho Backstage and Zoho Webinar channels in SalesSignals

If Zoho Backstage is integrated with Zoho CRM, the following notifications can be viewed in SalesSignals:
  • Ticket purchased
  • Checked in
  • Ticket cancelled
Likewise, if Zoho Webinar is integrated, you will receive notification when someone registers for a webinar.  You can disable these notifications.
Kindly read the help document on Zoho Backstage and Zoho Webinar for more details.

Scoring leads with Backstage and Webinar criteria

Scoring rules now allows you to give scores to criteria from Backstage and Webinar such as ticket purchased, checked-in, ticket cancelled, and registered. The leads can be prioritized based on these scores. Kindly read the help document on Zoho Backstage and Zoho Webinar for more details.

Feel free to let us know your valuable comments.

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