#1 Right data, right result! Link the data collected in SalesIQ with Zoho CRM fields.

#1 Right data, right result! Link the data collected in SalesIQ with Zoho CRM fields.

Updating the important data manually from SalesIQ to your CRM for each visitor will be tedious. SalesIQ can help you by pushing the data gathered about the visitors to your Zoho CRM automatically.

Your business might require some extra information of the visitor to be stored in CRM for sales follow-up or to your support executive to help the customers on their next visit. So, automating the process of pushing data from SalesIQ to CRM will make your system efficient by avoiding manual work.

The visitor data collected using the custom fields and the standard details available in SalesIQ  can be pushed automatically to the custom fields created in your Zoho CRM.

How can I do that?

Step 1: Pick the info you would want to push from SalesIQ to CRM (from custom field or standard field available in SalesIQ.)

Step 2: Create a similar custom field in the Leads/Contacts Module of your Zoho CRM .

That is it! The visitor details captured in your SalesIQ will be automatically registered in the CRM custom fields.

Let me explain you in detail.

1. Auto-push the visitors standard info available in SalesIQ

SalesIQ captures a set of standard information like Browser, Country, Operating System, etc., about the visitor during their visit. You can automate to push the captured details that are available in your Zoho SalesIQ to Zoho CRM. To push the Data from SalesIQ to CRM, you have to create a custom field in Zoho CRM with the same name you see in SalesIQ visitor information. The info that is captured in SalesIQ will also be registered in Zoho CRM. 

View the list of standards fields which can be pushed into CRM here .


In this example, I planned to run the end of season sale in my online store. To inform about the sale, I send five email campaigns to the different segment of visitors. I want to track the visitors visiting my website via campaign and record that in Zoho CRM so that my sales rep can follow the Leads in CRM based on the Campaign details recorded and convert them into customers.

So to track and push the campaign details of the visitors visiting the website. First, I added the UTM variables  while scheduling the email campaign.

When the visitor visits the website by accessing the email campaign link, SalesIQ detects the Campaign details and notify the Sales reps.

SalesIQ tracks the visitor from the campaign by default.

I have already created the fields (Campaign Name, Campaign Source, Campaign Medium) in the Lead Module of Zoho CRM. Now the campaign info is filled automatically in the fields created in CRM - Leads Module.


The campaign fields added in Zoho CRM records the info from the Campaign UTM code, which is tracked by SalesIQ and pushed into CRM automatically.

2. Auto-push the visitor info collected using the custom fields in SalesIQ

You can create custom fields in SalesIQ using the custom.add APIs  and collect the additional visitor info from the chat screen.

The info gathered from the custom field in SalesIQ can also be pushed to Zoho CRM. To push the custom field info, create a custom field in Zoho CRM Leads module  with the same name. The input provided by the visitor in SalesIQ will be auto-pushed to Zoho CRM.

For Example:

I would like to collect an extra info "Interested Product" in the chat window about the visitors. I want this info to appear in CRM also so that the sales team can mail the right discounts & offers to the visitors based on the Interested product they submit.

So I have included a custom field  "Interested Product" in the chat window. And also added the custom field with the same name under the Leads module of Zoho CRM .

Now the details provided by the visitor in SalesIQ chat window will be pushed under the Leads Module of Zoho CRM.

To get more feature updates and usage tips, please follow our Announcements section in Forums.zoho.com.

Step 1 : Go to Zoho SalesIQ Forums. In Sub-forums section, click on the Announcements  link.

Step 2 : The Announcement section appears, click on the Follow Announcements link.

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