Say Hello to the all new Reports!

Say Hello to the all new Reports!

Today, we're thrilled to announce a completely redesigned version of our Reports with a multitude of features that would make it easier for you to track your brand's performance on social media. This includes a whole new way of understanding reports, all new statistics, and a brand-new interface!

The new Reports offer a comprehensive way for you to look at numbers, help you dig deeper into data, and come with added flexibility in terms of sharing. Not just that, they've also been restructured to make them simpler for you to access and manage the numbers that matter for your business.

We have brought in a whole new range of statistics to you that cover your Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, LinkedIn Company Page, and Instagram. This version of reports includes 80+ Cards—most of which are completely new—across social networks. For example, we show you the Best Time to Tweet which shows the best time to publish on Twitter based on your audience engagement. Another example is the Performance Summary for Facebook which depicts how your page is performing overall, with data about page views, clicks, feedback etc.

The Structure

With a building block type of structure and flow, new reports are easier to understand, edit, change and navigate.

While navigating the new reports you will find that each statistic is explained with a tool tip.

The most important structural change is the introduction of Cards, Dashboards, and sections.


We have a new take on individual statistics, these are something called network specific 'Cards'. A Card displays a single type of statistic graphically and let's you in on the relevant data about it.

All data is shown in the form of Cards, which can be found under different sections of every report, sorted for each social channel.

Sections of Reports

Each social channel has its own reports that are separate sections containing their respective cards. For example Facebook has these sections:
- Summary
- Audience
- Posts & Engagement
- Performance
- Reach & Impression

A section of report is where you'll find the Cards. Every section consists of an arranged set of Cards that are related to each other under a specific category for a social channel.

Can I customize a report and add Cards of my liking to it? You may ask. Yes!

Meet Dashboards, the savvier customized reports you have been waiting for.


Dashboards are customizable reports that can be made with any of the Cards from any of the social channels. If you've used the custom reports available with our older version of reports, you'll note that these have now been replaced by dashboards.

Dashboards are more intuitive, with features like a dynamically customizable time range and shareability among users. You can dynamically change the Cards in them and move them around the tiles. The Dashboard's visibility can be controlled by simply changing the privacy.

Sharing and Scheduling reports

What's more? Now you can schedule all kinds of reports. This means that you can:
- Send periodic emails to your team members with Dashboards, Cards, and sections of reports.
- Email any of these instantly.
- Dashboard access can be granted to your team members on Zoho Social.
- Export these reports to your device and share them through external platforms.

We know how important privacy is to you. To protect your confidential files, you have the option to password-protect your reports when you email them.

If you are an agency using Zoho Social, you may be wondering how to share these reports with your clients. It's quite simple, you can either add your client to Zoho social so they can view network specific reports or schedule reports.If your clients aren't added, then you can either send reports to them via email, or export reports to your device and share the documents with them.

With this update we have also revamped how your Leads and Connections look, if you have integrated Zoho CRM with Zoho Social. You get reports of all the leads you have created and also have the option to export them to your device.

You can access Zoho Desk tickets from the Reports tab. All your tickets will be displayed here and you can click on one which will open the Zoho Desk on a new tab.

Now, coming to pricing, if you're on the Standard plan, you have access to the summary sections for each connected social channel. However, you can't create Dashboards. For this, you can upgrade to the Agency or Professional plans, where you can create up to 25 and 10 custom Dashboards respectively per Brand.

To learn more about the new reports, check out our handy user guide .

We hope you enjoy the newly upgraded reports!

If you have questions or feedback for us, feel free to drop us a comment here or tweet to us @ZohoSocial . You can also reach us at

We'll be back with more exciting updates, stay tuned!

Drishya S N
Marketer, Zoho Social.

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