Share to nurture bonds :)

Share to nurture bonds :)

Hello buddies !

Bala here, wondering what am I going to talk to you guys about ? Well, trust me definitely nothing related to philosophy. I presume that most of us know what screen sharing is, if not don't worry let me brief it to you. Screen sharing/casting is nothing but sharing your screen with someone else probably to seek help or assist them. Woaahh !! wouldn't that be great if you had this option in your SalesIQ account to resolve all your visitor's issues in a jiffy ? Or show them a demo of your products without having to get off from your bed or couch ? You would just appear like a wizard with a magic wand to your visitors isn't it ? Surprise ! Surprise ! Yes we have incorporated this feature in your SalesIQ accounts.
Wondering in what way this integration would aid the users of your firm?
Users of your firm can now share their screens with your website visitors and also can request visitors to share their screens. Be it resolving an intricate issue or showing a live demo of your products to your prospective customer, users of your firm can nail them all on the go.

Yippieee ! How can I avail this option for the users of my firm ?   
  • Click on the Settings -> Portal settings tab.
  • Scroll down, and you would find an option "Allow screen sharing". 
  • You can enable or disable it by clicking on the slide bar which you can find right beside this option.

After configuring,

Will my website visitors gain any benefit out of it? Of course yes,
Your website visitors need not take up the pain of adventuring with the intricate issues that they are thrown with anymore, as this feature would allow them to seek assistance from experts in a jiff.

Woahhh ! How can I provide my visitors with this option?
  • Navigate through, Settings -> Websites -> Live chat widget -> Chat window -> Configurations tab.
  • Scroll through down, You would find an option "Display Screen sharing option".
  • Enable or disable it by clicking on the slide bar right beside this option. 

After configuring,

Heads up !!
  • A visitor can stop sharing his/her screen whenever he/she wants. Same applies to the users.
  • User as well as the visitor can swap their screens at any point of time during an assist session, but the latter would require permission from the former to do so, while former doesn't really require the permission of the latter.
  • And if either of the end users (Here, end users refers to support members and visitors of your website) doesn't accept the request to share screen and if the other user just clicks on join, it would just be like waiting for the earth to shift its axis.
  • And it's substantial that you understand the fact that this feature will not be available in the SalesIQ's free version. It would initially be available for the 15 day trial account and for the paid accounts. So do buy our product to avail this feature.
  • But if you own a paid SalesIQ account but you do not own a paid Assist account, You might be allowed to handle one screen sharing sessions per day.
Phew ! We have finally mastered the art of " Sharing "! 
Now, it's time for you to get some rest.... Take care and stay in the pink of health ! 

Fond regards,

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