Show for iOS: Create, edit, and share presentations from your iPhone and iPad

Show for iOS: Create, edit, and share presentations from your iPhone and iPad

Hi Everyone, 

We are excited to announce the Show app for iOS. You can now create, edit, and share your presentations directly from your iOS devices. 

Create new presentations or import PPTX files and edit them using Show's advanced formatting options on your mobile. You can further provide access to team members and work together on the slides as well. 

You can download and install the Show app from the App store . If you are an existing user, all you have to do is update your app to the latest version.

Insert text, shapes, and pictures in slides

Shows's mobile app allows you to include Text , Shape , and Media files in slides. 

Add text such as a process description or label for a picture and highlight them using different font options. Besides the bold, italicized, and underlined options, you can format list using bullets and numbers. You can also indicate scientific equations using superscript or subscript options.  

Show offers a wide range of options to add, from basic shapes to building flow charts, all right from your iPhone or iPad. 

You can also pick images from your photo gallery or capture one using the device's camera and add them to your presentation. You can upload pictures using the app's URL and Library options.  

You can further enhance these text and visual additions using the Format tab in the bottom of the mobile app. 

Apply styles and effects to your objects in slides 

Easily edit properties such as alignment, line space, indentation, and font color, all from your mobile device. 

Customize your slide diagrams with formatting options like Fill , Stroke , Shadow , and Reflection . The Maintain Aspect Ratio checkbox allows you to resize shapes quickly and accurately without having to manually readjust them. 

The iOS app comes with various alignment and distribution options to let you precisely arrange elements in slides. This way, you can quickly organize a cluttered slide from your mobile device. 

Then, with all the crafting and drafting done in your presentation, it's time for some teamwork.

Collaborate from your iPhone or iPad 

The Show app allows you to add collaborator email addresses and set permissions for them to access your slides. All the edits your collaborators make in the shared presentation will sync and be saved automatically. Once your presentation is finalized, you can save it in your iOS device and present it whenever required. 

You can also export your presentations in PDF, PPTX, and JPEG formats and share them with any messaging or email platform. 
The new Show mobile app for iOS devices makes it easier than ever to create quality presentations directly  from your iPhone or iPad. Download the app today and give it a try!

Have questions about the Show mobile app or want to share your feedback? Leave us a comment below or email us at

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