Spotlight #03: Roles and Permissions in Team Folders

Spotlight #03: Roles and Permissions in Team Folders

Hello all,
We are back again with another interesting feature on the spotlight series for Zoho WorkDrive.

Zoho WorkDrive is a content collaboration platform designed for teams to store, share, manage, and work together on files of any size. In this article, we’ll focus on the different types of roles and access permissions that you can assign to users or members of a specific team folder in your organization.
Every team member is assigned a specific role during collaboration. A user's role determines what they can and cannot do within a folder or a file.  Zoho Workdrive uses a role-based permission system to control access to files and information. You can specify which users can access, view, or modify a Team Folder and its contents. 

Let's understand how roles and permissions work better with a use-case: 
Say you create a  Team Folder named " HR " to maintain and update forms and documents that include details about employee onboarding, attendance records, appraisal procedures, etc in your organization. By default, you become the  Admin  of this folder and gain complete control over all the respective files and folders within it. 
Now, as an Admin, you can assign an Organizer role to the additional member(s) of the department to manage different activities within the Team Folder. These members can then decide to invite individuals (the employees of your organization) to access specific files as  Editors or  Viewers  within the Team Folder. 

To have better control over these collaborative features, you can also share the document with members outside of the Team Folder and set permissions like  Share Edit and  View .  

Different types of roles and access permissions in WorkDrive

  • Admin - By default, the person who creates the Team Folder automatically becomes the Admin. He/she holds complete control over the account and can add/remove members, edit, rename, move, share files and folders, and manage Team Folders. Only admins have the right to transfer their ownership to another user in the organization. 

  • Organizer - Organizers can add new members, edit, rename, organize files and folders within the Team Folder, and also share them with other team members. However, he/she can't assign Admin roles to anyone within the organization. 

  • Editor - Editors can view, add, edit, and rename files/folders, but cannot share or move them.

  • Viewer - Viewers can view, copy, and download files, and also add comments to them. 

Key benefits of implementing Role based permissions for users

  • Enhanced security across all folders - Admin/Organizer can set permissions for individuals over specific files within the team folders. This ensures users can only view and perform actions on files they are assigned to. 
  • Increased user productivity - As a user we might spend a lot of time switching between every single file to find the relevant ones to work with. With members assigned specific roles and access permission, they save a lot of time/effort put in searching for files and resources eventually leading to increased user productivity. 
  • Granularly defined access - Granular defined access gives you the power to control who can access folders and files, and what access they have for each of them specifically. This helps in securing files and keeping confidential data secure within departments.

Zoho WorkDrive gives you the advantage of working with different access levels and permissions for different people. This feature is designed to help team members understand their responsibilities with respect to tasks assigned, thereby providing a clear, supportive working environment.
We hope this article provides you with an understanding of the different user roles in Zoho WorkDrive, and also enables you to optimize file and folder permissions inside your Team Folders effectively. 

Please follow WorkDrive's Community to stay connected and updated on every product update in the series. 

If you have any questions, please leave a reply below or contact
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