Sub Tasks is Here!!!

Sub Tasks is Here!!!

Hello Everyone,

I take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year and inform you about the launch of the Subtasks feature, the most requested one, in Zoho Projects. A perfect beginning for the year 2012, Isn't it.

Subtasks are a convenient way to organize projects and tasks that have multiple steps. Let us see how the Subtasks feature has improved the project management in Zoho Projects.

Import MS Project file

When a MS Project file is imported into Zoho Projects, the task & subtasks structure were not maintained. Henceforth, the structure available in the MS Project file will be maintained as such.

Create Subtasks at any level

So far you would have managed your projects with the help of Milestones, Task Lists and Tasks. Right from this day you can manage your projects better by having any level of subtasks.

Making an existing task as a subtask: When you mouse-over the task name, you will find the Indent arrow to the left of the task name. When clicked, the existing task will be converted as a subtask for the task just above it.

Adding a subtask: When you mouse-over the task name, an Action button will be displayed at the extreme left of the task name. You can click this button and select the Add Subtask option from the list.

Gantt Chart & Dependency View

You can see the tasks along with its subtasks on the Gantt chart and Dependency View. The parent/summary task is indicated using a blue color bar; whereas the subtasks are indicated with a yellow color bar in the Gantt Chart.

Note: Subtasks will be displayed in the Gantt Chart & Dependency View only when the immediate parent/summary task has a start & end date.

Project & Task Templates

You can capture the subtasks in the project and task template.

So how do you get started ? Here’s the link to Subtasks and of course a short video

The Sub-Task feature is available in the Premium and Enterprise package. It's available for the existing Value Pack3 customers too.

Your feedback is much appreciated as they have helped us to carry the product to this level!

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