Task Layout Rules - Business cases

Task Layout Rules - Business cases

Hello, Guys! 


We are happy to meet you all in this community post and hope all are doing great. We are here to share a bunch of use cases in a series under various features with you. All the existing users of Zoho Projects can view the cases and let us know your suggestions, business cases too so that others in the Community can learn the experiences .  

The first Use Case in the series is going to be on the latest addition Tasks Layout Rules .

We all know when it comes to a project, there will be a lot of tasks that have to be worked on by different users across various teams. For such tasks, besides the default fields, we give additional details in the form of custom fields and fill in the appropriate values in them.

Howsoever, there are circumstances where only certain fields should be visible to the users based on the nature of the tasks.

To define the visibility of custom fields, have multiple layouts associated with a project, we got an option for you all. Yes, it is Layout Rules for Tasks. Rules can be created Conditional or Dependent.

Let’s see them as some of the common business cases. 

Case 1 Conditional rule: Show sections  

Task name: Architectural design

Users from the Engineering team and the Marketing team are going to work on a project. We have different tasks for each team. In Architectural design task, only Design related fields should be displayed. To achieve this, we are going to make a common field ‘Process name’ comprising of different processes like Design, Sales, Marketing, etc. Upon selecting 'Design' under 'Process name', the respective section along with fields should be unveiled.

Process name: Design: Show section: Web app interface
Process name: Sales: Show section: Pre-sales & Post-sales

Condition 1: Show section 

Case 2 : Show fields

Task Name: Feature release announcement

In this task, there are specific Marketing related fields from one section to be shown up. From the Common field 'Process name', let’s choose 'Marketing'. Among multiple custom fields, the condition is to display only three fields - Product Promotion method, Announcement, Blog URL. In addition, we can mark the highly important fields as mandatory and also disable the unwanted fields. 

  Condition 2: Show fields

Add Task

Case 3 : Dependent rule

Having a field as Primary, you can link the values of this field with the values of some other field. 

If Approval Process is Design Approval, 'Approver' field should have values as Deepika, Saranya and Harshini. 

If Approval Process is Content Approval, 'Approver' field should have values as Mack, Michael.

  Dependent Rule

Case 4: Multiple Task Layouts for a single project

Have you come across a need where there are multiple Task Layouts created for various purposes and you want all of them to be associated with a project?

Then undoubtedly,  the Layout Rules feature is for you. Using the above conditions, select the set of sections and fields to be applied for individual tasks. Click here to know more details. 

Note : Layout Rules for Tasks feature is supported only in the latest Enterprise plan.

I’m sure you all have got various scenarios in your business to define and manage custom fields. So, try to create your own rules for task layouts and share them with us :)

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