The All-New Unified Operating System for Business- Zoho One

The All-New Unified Operating System for Business- Zoho One

Dear Community,

The all-new Unified User Interface of Zoho One has been released globally on October 19, 2021. One of the most significant and much-awaited release of Zoho One is now yours to explore!

Here is a list of all the new features and updates that you will be able to experience with our new Operating System:

UNIFIED USER INTERFACE: The unified interface is here to provide a seamless experience to all our customers. You will not have the need to open and use multiple tabs for various applications anymore. All the Zoho One apps will now load up in the unified UI, which will significantly eliminate a disparate flow and will improve efficiency.

UNIFIED NAVIGATION: A contextually collapsible unified left-panel navigation panel is at the crux of this new experience. You will be able to pin or un-pin your favorite and most-frequently used applications on the side panel at the click of a button.

CUSTOMIZABLE DASHBOARDS: In order to track growth, data and analytics play an important role in your business. Our customizable dashboards make your data come alive along with 50+ pre built widgets that aid personalization.

ENHANCED ZIA SEARCH: Zoho's intelligent assistant ZIA, now comes with new and improved features. The all-new ZIA now let's you conduct a search all across your OS, based on various touch points: context, relevance and proximity.

UNIFIED CALENDAR: Our unified calendar is a better way to organize and track your work-week in advance. Sync all your appointments across applications and quickly create meetings and share them with your team.

CENTRALIZED SETTINGS: You will no longer have to exclusively manage each app in Zoho One. With our new unified settings, we've built you a space where you can personalize everything under a unified central console without having to access each app independently.

MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT AND MOBILE APPLICATION MANAGEMENT (MDM and MAM): When it comes to ensuring that your employees are handling corporate data responsibly, managing their devices is just as important as managing their online identities.

Zoho One offers MDM capabilities that help you ensure that only authorized users and devices are accessing privileged resources. With Zoho One's MDM, you can:

  1. Enroll company-owned devices and employees' personal devices into your organization

  2. Distribute the necessary apps to your employees' devices

  3. Control what your employees can do with their devices by setting up policies and restrictions

As an IT admin, managing the lifecycle of the devices in your organization is important. You can effectively manage the entire lifecycle of a device in Zoho One. A device's lifecycle starts with being enrolled into your organization, and ends when the employee leaves the organization and the device is de-provisioned.

EXTENDABLE PLATFORM: The Zoho One Marketplace provides thousands of open integrations that support third party extensions and enhances the power of the platform.

You can now connect all your favorite applications via Single-Sign-On and build active business process flows between them. Build custom apps, portals, widgets, and vertical solutions with our in-house developer tools. A powerful platform that evolves along with your business.


Commerce: Building a business online? With Zoho Commerce in Zoho One, you can do everything for your online store, from building a website and tracking inventory to analyzing data and accepting payments.

Payroll: Adding more power to the HR management apps in Zoho One, Zoho Payroll offers a stress-free payroll app that helps you save precious time on employee payroll processing, so you can focus more on growing your business. Now available in India.

TeamInbox: Collaborate better with your team members and efficiently manage emails with designated roles and task delegation in one shared inbox to keep track of all that's happening.

Lens: Deliver remote assistance to your customers and employees by assessing the issue through their mobile camera, identifying defects using augmented reality (AR), and providing remote resolution in real time.

Learn: Knowledge that's not accessible across your organization loses its value. Use Zoho Learn to create a company-wide resource library, design learning modules, track training results, and share information with coworkers to centralize your organization's knowledge base.

DataPrep: Your business accumulates a lot of data, but only the right inputs will lead you to the right insights. Make your data ready for analysis: enrich your raw data with AI-powered data cleansing and use superior tools to enhance data quality.

Exclusive New UI Webpage
Unified User Interface Release Video
Help Documentation- MDM/MAM
Admin Guide for UUI

We sincerely hope that all the efforts that have gone into unifying Zoho One, leaves you with a unified experience. Please feel free to write to us at for comments and feedback.  

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