Tip #16: Why should we set up criteria in Blueprints?

Tip #16: Why should we set up criteria in Blueprints?

Blueprints in Orchestly helps you create a replica of your offline processes. At every stage, the process is handed over to the next respective team/individual/role.


You can then follow-up with notifications, and approach the right point of contact for in-depth information of the stages or the process. This also helps you understand the reason for delays and bottlenecks within the process and overcome them with the help of reminders and escalation alerts.


What is the role of criteria in Blueprints?


Criteria and priority of the blueprint helps you choose the particular blueprint a job should associate with. In simple words, when a job is created, if the job's field values match the blueprint criteria, the job automatically associates with that blueprint.


Note that, jobs are mapped to blueprints based on the layout in which the job is created.If you do not provide a criteria for the blueprint, any job created using the associated layout can be mapped to the blueprint.

Hence, it is advised to provide the right criteria while creating a blueprint.


Business scenarios of criteria in Blueprints


1.If you require a job to choose between 2 blueprints based on the order's net worth, you can set up 


Blueprint A with criteria,  quotation price <= 10000

Blueprint B  with criteria, quotation price >10000


So, now if the order has a quotation price greater than 10000, the job is automatically associated with blueprint B, and vice versa.


2.If you require a job to work with a blueprint based on the customer's order type, you can set criteria based on the custom field 'Job Status'.


Blueprint A with criteria, Job Status 'IS' 'nil'

Blueprint B with criteria, Job Status 'IS' 'Urgent'

Blueprint C with criteria, Job Status 'IS' 'Emergency'


So, now if the order has the 'Job Status' as 'Emergency', it will be automatically associated with Blueprint C.


3.If an organization handles different recruitment procedures for developers and designers, and also needs to check the 'Requirement Status' field before recruiting, they can set the status as:


Blueprint A with criteria, Role > 'IS' > 'Developer'  


'Requirement Status' > 'IS' > 'Background Verified'


Blueprint B with criteria, Role 'IS' 'Designer'


'Requirement Status' > 'IS' > 'Background Verified'


Here 'AND' condition requires the job to match both the criteria. Only if both conditions are true, the job will be mapped to blueprints.


Do note that, giving a 'OR' condition requires the job to match either one of the criteria set by the blueprint.



Let us know your unique way of using criteria in Blueprints in the comments below.  


Visit our help center to get detailed insights into Orchestly. Explore our Tutorials and Short help videos to familiarize individual features and on-board faster.




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