Tip #9: Best integration for support teams

Tip #9: Best integration for support teams

Are back-and-forth emails taking up more of your support team's time than resolving the tickets themselves? Communication gaps, manual processes, and a lack of centralized data can cause a number of challenges, but there is a feature that can speed up the entire workflow.

The power duo: scheduler + remote support tool 

Imagine utilizing the combined capabilities of Zoho Bookings and Zoho Assist. Zoho Bookings is a scheduler, while Zoho Assist is a remote support software. This integration not only simplifies scheduling with customers but also makes sharing of remote support and screen sharing session links quicker. As a result, support agents can get started with troubleshooting in no time.

Benefits of this integration:

  • Time efficient: Improves the ticket turnaround time and productivity, as the time taken to coordinate and administrative tasks is reduced.

  • Streamlined workflow: Simply provide the customer with your booking page link; once they book with you, the scheduling and generation of remote session links will be seamlessly established, creating a well-structured workflow.

  • Enhanced customer experience: Integrating these products can create a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers. They can schedule appointments, receive confirmations, and join remote support sessions all within a unified system, leading to higher customer satisfaction.


  • Zoho Assist Professional/Enterprise


How to integrate Zoho Bookings with Zoho Assist

Step 1: Enable the integration

Log in to your Zoho Bookings account. Navigate to Integration > Others > Zoho Assist. Click Connect Zoho Assist. Now log in to your Zoho Assist account and allow access to Bookings.

Step 2: Map services to create remote session or screen sharing session

In the same window, navigate to Configure > Edit. Now drag and drop services to the remote and screen sharing session boxes. This will create the respective sessions when an appointment is made for the chosen services.

Step 3: Add your staff to Zoho Assist
  1. Log in to Zoho Assist.

  1. Navigate to the Settings icon   > Organization > Manage Technicians > Invite Technicians.

  1. Add the staff email address and click Invite Technicians.

An invitation will be sent to the staff member's email address. Once they accept it, they can provide remote support sessions when an appointment is booked with them.

Note: Make sure to include Assist info in the email notifications for staff and customer under Services > Required service > Service Notifications > Customize. Staff members will receive the start and join link. Customers will receive the join link.

See how it works

Once an appointment is booked:

  • Customers can view the Zoho Assist session link in the confirmation message and booking summary.

  • Staff members can access the Zoho Assist session link in the appointment summary.

  • The session links are sent along with the email notifications to the staff and customer (if Assist info variable is added in the notification).

Streamline scheduling and coordination within your support team, and spend more time on actually helping your customers.

We hope you find this tip useful. Do share your feedback in the comments section or write to us at support@zohobookings.com.

Have a great day!



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                                  Are back-and-forth emails taking up more of your support team's time than resolving the tickets themselves? Communication gaps, manual processes, and a lack of centralized data can cause a number of challenges, but there is a feature that can speed up

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