Tips & Tricks #13: 5 Features That Are Exclusive to Zoho Subscriptions' Mobile Apps

Tips & Tricks #13: 5 Features That Are Exclusive to Zoho Subscriptions' Mobile Apps

This week's tips and tricks are all about actions that can be performed with the Android and iOS apps of Zoho Subscriptions. Some of these features may have gone unnoticed, but try them out and they'll definitely prove helpful to your everyday subscription management. Missed last week's post? Read about sending transaction-based messages through WhatsApp .

Navigate like a Pro with Quick Actions

Our mobile apps are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. However, there are some instances where you can't afford to waste time by fumbling around different menus. Quick Actions can help with this. Simply long press (or 3D Touch) an app icon on your homescreen or app drawer to bring up a list of app shortcuts like opening the customer or subscription creation pages, right over the app icon!

Availability: Android and iOS.

Peek and Pop Your Way Through Long Lists

Scrolling through lists to find information about a customer in a hurry? Next time, try pressing down on a particular customer name from the list page to get a peek of extra information like their unused credits and outstanding receivables. While doing this, you can also swipe up to view a list of quick actions such as sending payment reminders and creating subscriptions. If you'd like to view all of their information, press deeper on the preview to pop into their details page. These actions work for the Customers, Credit Notes, Invoices, Products and Transactions modules.

Availablity: iOS

Generate and Share Links for Your Invoices and Hosted Pages

Our mobile apps make it easy to share invoice links with your customers--or anyone for that matter. Anyone who has the generated invoice links can view, pay, download and print your invoice. You can also set an expiration date for the invoice link, after which, it will no longer be functional. The link to a plan's hosted page can also be shared quickly with a prospective customer.

To generate invoice links, go to:

(Android) Invoices > More Actions > Share Invoice Link .
(iOS) Invoices > More > Share Invoice Link .

To view links for Hosted Pages, go to:

(Android) Products > Plans > More Actions > View Plan URL .
(iOS) More > Products > Plans > More > Plan URL .

Share Files Easily with AirDrop

The AirDrop feature lets you effortlessly send Credit Note PDFs , Invoice PDFs , Invoice Links and links to Hosted Pages to nearby iOS and MAC devices--perfect for walk-in customers or on-spot registrations for your subscription service.

Availability: iOS

Protect Your Data with a Passcode

In case multiple users in your organization use the same mobile device, you can prevent unauthorized access to the Zoho Subscriptions mobile app by locking it down. You don't have to limit it to a passcode either. Once set up, you can use your phone's existing unlock methods like fingerprint recognition/Touch ID and Face ID. You can also set an interval during which, the app will not lock itself. This can prevent locking and unlocking the app multiple times within a short period--which can be quite bothersome.

Availability: Android and iOS

Our mobile apps keep you informed with real-time push notifications and enable you to manage your subscription business on the move. If you aren't using them yet, be sure to try them out for Android and iOS . We'll continue to update our mobile apps with more features, so look forward to more mobile-specific posts in the future.

We'll be back next week with more tips and tricks, so stay tuned. Have your own business scenarios that you think can be simplified? Let us know about them in the comments below and we'll try to cover them in future posts!

Varun Steven
The Zoho Subscriptions Team

    Zoho Marketing Automation
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